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Making a Difference On and Off the Roads

Helping more, together.

Waze is about people coming together to affect change. From our community of Editors who freely volunteer their time to maintain our map, to our city partners who use Waze data to make important planning decisions, to our advertisers who have spent recent months helping drivers safely access the goods and services they need. We are proud of being able to support people around the world through our work together.

Over the years, this work has been geared towards solving traffic. But we know that our powerful collective can do more. We saw this earlier in the year when we rolled out our COVID-19 outreach program with our network of partners and volunteers, and we’re excited to announce what else we’re working on.

We’re finding new ways to use our products and map to better serve underrepresented communities, and to empower employees, users, and partners to give back to the organizations they care about. Our initiatives are built with our values in mind:

By launching initiatives that reflect our beliefs, we hope to make an even greater impact by doing our part to help solve problems that people around the world are facing today.

Turning ideas into action

Starting today, we’re kickstarting a project to help small businesses around the world update their information on Waze. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we know that the forthcoming holiday season will be an especially important time for small businesses. And, we want to help them make sure their location listings on Waze are as visible and accurate as possible to encourage drivers to shop local. Business owners, including restaurants, small retail shops, and more who would like help keeping their business info up-to-date can input updated operating hours, contact information, and services into this quick form from today until January 7, 2021. Small businesses looking to update their information on Waze after this date can do so right from the Waze app.

Get store hours, services offered, and more added to your Waze Map listing!

We’re firm believers that the best things happen when people work together. This is the same belief that guided us early this year when we launched our COVID-19 response effort. But this was only the beginning. We can’t wait to find new ways to make the world even more accessible for everyone.



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