Map Editors Bring the Vignette Pass to Waze

Community Champs work together to improve local navigation across Eastern Europe

Budapest, Hungary

The latest local navigation option to join Waze is the Vignette Pass for Eastern Europe. Now, all drivers have a simple solution to navigate these toll roads that stretch across 6 European countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia), thanks to our Map Editor Communities of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Latvia, Moldova, and Romania. This marks the first real solution to a long-standing issue for local drivers: how to find the fastest route and avoid big fines for driving on Vignette-required roads by mistake.

Working alongside Waze Community Managers Hezi Cohen and Ruben Vivanti, this mighty Map Editor crew began their mission with a Map Raid, tagging all Vignette-verified toll roads across the region.

Cohen shares, “The whole mapping process required lots of coordinating. Everyone had to agree to do the mapping during a single weekend and work closely together — all across Europe.” This was particularly challenging because, unlike other toll features supported by Waze, Vignette tolls are passes that drivers need to purchase in advance (not paid at booths).

The Map Editors continued to work closely with the Waze Product and Beta Tester teams to troubleshoot and test around-the-clock team until the feature was ready for launch.

Vincent, a Swiss Map Editor, describes his favorite part of reaching launch day after months of late nights and hard work: “we truly made a difference for countless local drivers and commuters.”

Traveling in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland or Slovenia? Here’s how to add your Vignette Pass to Waze:

  1. Head to your app settings
  2. Search for your pass
  3. Tap the + button to add

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