Mapping for the Community, by the Community

A look at the Waze Map & the people behind it

Waze makes it simple for you to plug in your destination, find the quickest route, and hit the road. But have you ever wondered how Waze knows where the traffic is? Or that it will last for exactly 7 minutes? The answer is simple: it’s our Waze Community in action.

From the people in the cars around you, to volunteer Waze Map Editors, Carpoolers, and our partners, Waze is all about everyday acts of cooperation that get you where you need to go. And the Waze Map is a perfect example of this.

30,000 strong worldwide, our Map Editor Community makes nearly 20 million(!) edits to the Waze Map every month. All of these edits from our dedicated, passionate volunteers ensure the Waze Map gives you the most accurate, real-time information about the world around you. From dead-ends and one-way streets to the new pizza shop on your block — it’s all there thanks to our Map Editor Community.

Road segments are edited to make sure Waze map roads look the same as the ones you’re driving on

When a section of the map needs a little extra attention, our Map Editors team up virtually for “MapRaids.” And when they need more than a little extra help, they call for a “Mega MapRaid.”

The Mega MapRaid was focused on the highlighted area in Russia — from North of Perm to Volgograd.

It all started with a question posed by Wazer Orbit: where to go next? After an overwhelming response in favor of Russia, Orbit (virtually) rallied the troops, bringing together 850+ editors from 80 different countries who spoke 26 different languages. The team also created a mentorship program for more experienced Map Editors to train new members. According to Orbit, the magic behind a Mega MapRaid is that they “help improve communication and relations between editors and communities.” Millions of map edits later, the team proudly unveiled a new map in Russia. A special shoutout to the Wazers that led the crew of 850+ Wazers in map updates:

Segments are sections of roads and Places are points of interest on the map.

Feeling “exhausted but satisfied,” Wazer Orbit shares proudly, “the real reward for us are the bonds we formed with editors all over the world. Just imagine, 80 different countries with different languages and backgrounds who worked together with one goal in mind: improve Waze map.”

Inspired? You can join Orbit and his thousands of Map Editor friends and start rising in the ranks today.