New Feature Alert! You can now save your drives from the Web to your App

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2 min readSep 8, 2020


Our web Live Map already helps millions of monthly Wazers check out traffic conditions, construction block-ups, and other trouble spots before leaving home. Now, planning a drive directly from your desktop will easily transition to driving with your app.

Enjoy a seamless and continuous experience from the web to the app

We’ve added the ability to take that planned drive and save it to the app for a unified experience across our platforms, making trip planning even easier.

Plan a drive + save to app

Whether it’s an immediate drive or a future trip, simply log in to the Live Map from your desktop using the QR code (you only need to do it once!), enter your destination and starting point, set your arrival time and then tap “Save to app.” We’ll take it from there to ensure you head out at the right time based on the latest real-time information.

Get notified when it’s time to leave

Should you leave now or wait for traffic to get better? Is that highway construction still slowing things down? Rest assured. We will send you a push notification (be sure to have your notifications switched on) telling you exactly when to leave.

Sync + save favorites

In addition to the drive at hand, logged-in users can also view their saved locations from the web and easily select them when searching for origin/destination.

This not only relieves the headache of entering your home address over and over, but it allows for 7-day customized planning on the Live Map. What time you should leave Monday might be very different than what time you should leave Friday.

The new feature works across both Android or iOS devices.