Travel in a pack? Use Waze Carpool with a Group — here’s how

How to create a Carpool group

Meeting new people is awesome, but sometimes you want to keep your Carpool options to a select few. That’s cool! Start a Carpool Group that’s as big or small as you want — it can be neighborhood dads, coworkers on your floor, or your weekend hiking buddies.

Create a group (anyone can!) and you will be able to request or offer a ride from your Carpool Group or even filter your carpool list to just your fellow group members. To get started, follow these simple steps from Josh the Carpool Guy:

Now that you’ve built your Group, get to scheduling rides or drives right from your Group’s page. Just tap any driver or rider who matches your route, and look for the Request or Offer button by their name. Hit send to schedule rides — and get ready for a better week of commutes ahead.

Don’t forget: you can also earn money by inviting new members. When you refer a friend, you both get $20 when they complete their first carpool — it can be with you! And with up to 10 referrals per user, you can spread the Waze Carpool movement around the entire neighborhood.

Sounds like you’re all set to ride with your crew.

See you in the carpool lane,

The Waze Carpool Team