Waze Community-Powered Roadside Help

Nearly all of us have been there…stuck on the side of the road. The car balancing itself on 3-and-a-half tires. In a hot panic, you frantically try to remember how to change a tire, while searching the for that roadside assistance phone number you e-mailed yourself years ago, which has now mysteriously vanished. That sinking feeling starts to set in and you realize there’s no way you’re going to make it to that (insert: concert, work meeting, wedding ceremony) on time, if at all. You get the picture, Wazers: it is a special kind of no-way-out stress. But we’re excited to share that today, there’s hope for us all — thanks to our freshly-re-vamped Roadside Help feature on the Waze app.

The Waze Community you know and love (that works together every day to help you to get unstuck from traffic) can help you get un-stranded from the side of the road, too. With added options for contacting emergency and professional services, you can quickly access your assistance needs in a variety of situations, whether you have a medical emergency or need a tow truck — which means help may be closer than you think.

Here’s how it works:

Open the Report Menu of your Waze app find the lifesaver icon for the Roadside Help alert.

The options available at your location will automatically populate, including assistance from Fellow Wazers, Emergency call and Roadside assistance. Depending on where you’re looking for help, you’ll see one of these three screens:

If you select Emergency call or Roadside assistance, you’ll find easy access to contact information for local emergency services or professionals in your area.

If you select help from Fellow Wazers, you tap into the power of the Waze Community, the largest community of drivers in the world. First, you’ll confirm what you need help with (i.e. flat tire, empty gas tank) and then, your alert will be added to the Waze Map, like any other Waze alerts you send. You can also choose to share your alert and location to a specific recipient through text or Whatsapp — a handy addition for times when you’re unsure of your exact location. Because a breakdown is stressful, but asking for help shouldn’t be.

To our Wazers in America, Brazil and Europe: there’s even more help at your fingertips, thanks to our partners Allstate (United States), Bradesco Seguros (Brazil) and Allianz Partners (rolling out across Europe):

  • In the US, all Wazers will have one-click access to Allstate Good Hands Rescue® service, a 24/7 road assistance service for towing, lockout, fuel-delivery (cost of fuel is charged to the driver), tire change and jump starting needs.
  • In Brazil, Wazers that select Bradesco Seguros from the Roadside assistance section will be directed to the Bradesco Seguros mobile site, where you can select your roadside issue and connect with a representative.
  • Across Europe, Wazers that select Allianz Partners from their Roadside Help Alert will get around-the-clock service from a digital platform or call center to help with their vehicle’s maladies. From a flat tire to a dead battery, Allianz Partners will come directly to the spot to help.

The best part? You don’t need to be a member of Allstate or Bradesco Seguros to request these services, and you will only be charged if you get help.

Wazers around the word: don’t stress. We’re continuing to expand the Roadside Help, including adding more roadside assistance and one-click professional services for you to access.

Important note: please always remember to pull over to the side of the road before requesting help. And contact local emergency services first for immediate help or in the case of a life-threatening emergency.

Drive safely, Wazers.