Waze for Apple CarPlay is Here

Waze for Apple CarPlay launched today, September 24th, on over 400 vehicle models around the world.

iOS Wazers: connect your compatible device via bluetooth or USB and start enjoying your favorite Waze features on your in-car display. Including:

  • Home, Work, and Favorites: Get routes in one click when you select from your Waze favorites in the search bar.
  • Route Overview: See your full route in one view and easily review alternate routes or adjust sound settings.
  • Reporting: It’s easier than ever to help fellow Wazers on the road with a visual reporting menu.
  • Alerts: Receive visual and audio alerts through your in-car sound system to stay informed while safely driving with both hands on the wheel.

Running into speed bumps? First, make sure both your vehicle and country are supported by Apple CarPlay. Then, review the setup information. If you’re still having issues, reach out our Support Team and we’ll help you troubleshoot.