Waze Welcomes 3 New Languages

The world of Waze continues to expand with the help of the Waze Localization Community. A global group of translators, editors and beta testers that help us bring new (and often, improved) voices and languages to the Waze app.

This time, we’re welcoming Cantonese Western Frisian Belarusian app languages, the Nynke Waze Voice for Western Frisian, and a new Waze Voice for Belarus (listed as “Уладзімір” in the app). Read on to learn the stories behind these latest additions from the inspiring people who helped bring them to life.

Cantonese Waze Language

A special shoutout to the Wazers that helped make it all happen: Twinwoods, VictorKwok, grub_s, leocylau

Q: Who led the creation of the new language?

A: We’re the same community members that helped translate the Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages and voices!

Q: How did you handle the translation?

A: The trick was actually starting with the existing Chinese translations and adjusting them to Cantonese, which helped us finish in just a couple of months.

Q: Can you share a community triumph?

A: Our team members come from many places around the world, including: China, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, and the UK.

Q:What’s next for your Community?

A: We’re excited to use the Cantonese language to recruit new Wazers!

Wazers around the world, you can Waze in Cantonese by heading to your Waze Language Settings and Selecting 粵語.

Western Frisian (Frysk) and the Nynke Voice

Give it up for our hard-working Wazers: bleekerk, Dippie94, Fjoerfoks, stolnaya, petervdveen, kdevriesfr, buroberger, rdnnk, JanEenling, Wietze77, bekkemam

Q: Who led the creation of the new language?

A: It’s all thanks to the work of our small, but mighty–and proud! — team of Frisian Waze Community members, led by Wazers Peter, Keimpe, and Katrinus.

Q: Can you share your favorite community triumph?

A: We enlisted a professional Frisian voice talent, Wini Weidenaar, to volunteer her time to record the “Nynke” voice. Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of her as she’s immortalized in the Waze app:

Q: What inspired the creation of the new language?

A: Frysk, one of two national languages in The Netherlands, is spoken primarily in the province of Fryslân, the capital of which is Leeuwarden. And this year, Leeuwarden has been named the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2018 by the European Union. Inspired by our celebration of Western Frisian culture, we made it our mission to be able to Waze in our own language in 2018.

Wazers everywhere: update phone language to Western Frisian by heading to the Waze Language Settings and selecting Frysk.

And for your new Frysk voice prompts, go to the Waze Voice Settings and select Nynke.

Belarusian and the Уладзімір Voice

A special thank you to our dedicated Wazers: Bobr16_by, Valodzya, olestas, vozhyk, ixxvivxxi, Alexash, Sergey.A.Kuznetsov, AlexanderKot, AlvenM, Fatty_BY, Rikifromgomel, Rohierd, Rotanov, Ryabtsev, V_Rak, Valodzya, Yaraslau, borisych_brest, trush, vinkoy, yurasik2000

Q: Who led the creation of the new language?

A: It began with a Latvian member of our Community, Wazer Olestats. He also helped recruit our team of fellow localizers — 15 in total!

Q: Can you share a community triumph?

A: The Waze Voice is very recognizable to our fellow Belarusian Wazers. We even scored one of the top voices of the Radio Kultura radio station, Vladzimir Trapyanok, to be our Уладзімір voice.

Q: How about a fun fact?

A: Waze is now the first navigation app with both a Belarusian interface and Belarusian voice directions.

Want to Waze in Belarusian? Head to the Waze Language Settings and select Беларуская.

And to match that language update with a matching new voice, head to your Waze Voice Settings and select Уладзімір.