Why I Waze

Thanks to our incredible community, built by Wazers like you, Waze has transformed from a navigation tool to a platform that brings more than 110 million people around the world together. Every day, we help each other tackle our transportation challenges and feel less frustrated (and alone!) getting where we need to go. Because we know when we work together — driving, reporting, and editing the Waze map — we see real change.

But don’t take it from us. Hear from a group of fellow Wazers, who’ve all answered the following question in their own unique way:

Why do you Waze?

Wazer Thanasis hails from Palo Alto, California. He Wazes to stay on-schedule all day as he juggles his catering business and dad duties.

Wazer Bionca travels across America living #Vanlife with her son, Carter. Together, they spread the anti-bullying word and take in some pretty breathtaking scenery along the way as they outsmart traffic coast-to-coast.

Wazer James, better known to his (many) YouTube fans as Mr. JWW, is a car enthusiast and globetrotter who knows a thing or two about cars and how to navigate them across hundreds of miles around the world.

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The Waze Team