STF Commission & Payouts on WazirX

Namaste Tribe! It’s been a fabulous couple months for STF! Thanks to your phenomenal response and support, we’ve brought onboard over 15 STFs with 100’s of investors. 💪

We had also published a detailed update on what happened in the first month of STF, and you can read it here. In the post, we’d shared a sneak-peek into what’s coming next on STF, and guess what, your wait’s over!

STF commission & payouts have arrived. 😎

Commission for STF Traders

From the very beginning of STF launch, our goal has been to democratize crypto trading expertise for everyone. STF is perfect for crypto enthusiasts who don’t have time or skills to trade. Via STF, investors can find and buy into expert traders’ fund with their crypto, and let the traders manage their portfolio.

What’s in it for STF Trader? During STF launch, we’d revealed that as an STF Trader, you will get to keep a percentage of the profits you make for your investors. We’ve built it, tested it out, and here’s the good news:

STF Traders will get 25% commission on the profits they make for investors.

You will receive commission in the form of your STF tokens.

Payouts for STF Investors

As an STF Investor, you already have the option to book your profits any time by selling STF Tokens. Now, we’ve got something even better for you!

From now, when an STF is profitable, the STF Trader can choose to distribute entire or portions of profits in the form of “payouts” to investors. You will receive payouts in USDT, and it will reflect in “Funds” section of your WazirX account.

Whether you receive payouts from an STF Trader, or choose to book your profits, a commission of 25% will be deducted from your gross payouts or profits. In case you don’t make any profit, you won’t be charged any commission.

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Payouts are a huge win-win for both STF Traders and Investors. It rewards both investors and traders for their participation in STF. 🙌 We’ll bring more additions to STF, so stay tuned!

Over a period of time, we’ll continue adding more improvements to STF. For instance, we want to ensure that we only have serious STF Traders manage your portfolio on your behalf. We’ll continue performing regular quality checks, and delist STFs which are inactive or violate some important criteria.

Click here to check out STF.


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Building India's Most Trusted Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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