STF is live: Find smart traders and let them grow your cryptocurrency portfolio

Namaste Tribe! Two weeks ago, we had introduced our most groundbreaking update — STF — to you. Nischal also went live on YouTube yesterday to give you a sneak peek into what STF would look like. Today, we unveil STF, and you can start buying Smart Tokens of your favourite traders, and let them trade on your behalf. 💪

STF will help us onboard the next million people into crypto.

How can I invest in an STF?

  1. Go to (coming soon on mobile apps)
  2. Go through the list of Smart Token Funds (STF), analyse the STF trader’s performance and background, cryptocurrency holdings, and more
  3. Buy a smart token of your choice with USDT and allow the STF Trader to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio
  4. Track the of your cryptocurrency portfolio

You can sell your smart token any time you want to exit.

Can I become an STF Trader?

Of course you can! We’re looking for expert traders to join STF, and help investors grow their cryptocurrency portfolio. What’s in it for you? Trade as much you want, and earn a percentage on the profits you make!

Apply to become one of our early STF Traders by clicking here.

Go to STF now 👇

Click here to spread the word.

We went live on Youtube to give a sneak peek into STF, and you can watch its demo on YouTube.

Priyanka works at WazirX, and is HODLing like most of us.


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Building India's Most Trusted Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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