Support for the Upcoming BCHABC Scheduled Protocol Upgrade

Namaste Tribe! The Bitcoin Cash network undergoes scheduled protocol upgrades twice a year — on 15th November, and 15th May. WazirX will support the upcoming scheduled protocol upgrade happening on 15th November, 2019. 💪

Upgrade Schedule

👉 BCHABC deposits and withdrawals will be suspended from Friday, 15th November 4:30 PM IST.

👉 You can continue trading BCHABC in our USDT market

We’ll resume BCHABC deposits and withdrawals once we deem the network stable. Also, this scheduled protocol upgrade will not result in 2 different cryptocurrencies.

Read more about the upgrade on BCHABC blog here.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! If you’re holding BCHABC on WazirX, you don’t need to do anything at all. We’ll handle all technical requirements to ensure a smooth transition for you. We’ll also make an announcement after the upgrade is complete, and when deposits and withdrawals resume.

Happy Trading! 🙌

Priyanka works at WazirX, and is HODLing like most of us.


Building India's Most Trusted Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Building India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.



Building India's Most Trusted Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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