WazirX Month in review — September, 2018

Namaste tribe! Last month was a power-packed one, and we assure you that this month is going to be more spectacular because of so many amazing improvements we have in store for you!

[Ongoing] WRX milestone 1

Reach 50 BTC consistent daily trade volume

Yes, we crossed 50 BTC on a few days this month, awesome! But we need to stay over 50 BTC volume consistently for at least a week. It’s been an exciting month with us coming so close to our first milestone. Let’s keep working towards bringing more people to trade on WazirX. Together, we can make WRX one of the world’s top tokens.

What happened last month

[Done] WazirX Referral program: This is an exciting program for all WazirX fans to jump on board and make extra earnings. Now you have more reasons to invite your friends on WazirX and trade! With the brand new referral program, you earn 50% commission of your referrals’ trading fee for lifetime! Start sharing your invite link everywhere! Within 7 days of launching, referral members are earning over ₹10,000 every day as commissions! More info on the referral program here.

[Done] Trading fee page: Yes, we have a brand new page dedicated to “fees”, but it’s more than that. The page contains vital info about deposits, withdrawal fee, minimum deposit/withdrawal amount, confirmations required, and more! On this page, you can also check the current and up to date deposits/withdrawal status for any coin. Our team spent a good amount of time and put a lot of care to build this so that you are always aware of the status of each coin. This is a dynamic page custom built by us for you! Check it out here.

[Done] New markets in USDT: In September, we added 4 coins to our high-volume USDT market. Now you can trade NPXS, HOT, BANCA, and NOAH in the USDT Market.

[Done] Brand new Media page: If you’re a blogger or YouTuber who wants to write about us, you can use our logo and visuals by clicking on “Media Assets” on our website footer. Click here to see it.

[Done] WazirX Deposit Dhamaka: We launched WazirX Deposit Dhamaka to help people earn 1% bonus on their crypto deposits! It ended on 15th September at midnight. If you participated in the program, you can track your bonus here.

[Done] Price alerts: Now you can track prices of your favourite coins, and WazirX will “alert” you if there’s an upward or downward movement in its price beyond a certain percentage. You can always turn this off under settings page. We plan to bring more price alert options under settings in a future update.

[Done] NPXS Airdrop credit: We successfully credited the NPXS tokens unlocked in August to all the eligible holders. You might be aware that Pundi X has introduced a new way of calculating the unlocked NPXS tokens. In line with these changes, we are updating the process for calculating and distributing the monthly tokens to you. This change has been effective from 1st September 2018. You can read about the new method here.

What we’re building

WazirX P2P Improvements: We’re working on adding more under-the-hood improvements on WazirX that will enhance your daily P2P and trading experience by tenfolds!

Blockchain integration improvements: Our team is working on improving the way we add new blockchains. There’s a lot of processes that a new blockchain integration has to undergo internally at WazirX. We’re making these processes more efficient so that new blockchains can be added faster and in a more secured manner.

Surprise feature: We’re working on surprise feature. We cannot tell much about this, just that some of you are going to be extremely happy when you hear about this. Our team is excited about this and is putting in a lot of hard work to make this happen in October itself.

INR Representation in USDT market: Now this is something very innovative that we’ve thought of. While users on WazirX love trading in the USDT market, some of them have been asking if they can trade in INR. While INR market will be low till the RBI ban is lifted, we decided we could do something for all such users. Very soon, the WazirX android app will have the option to switch to INR representation in the USDT market. This means, once you choose this option, while you still trade in USDT, you will see everything in INR value. You can even place orders in INR value and WazirX will automatically and smartly convert it into USDT for you. This is the best of both worlds, you get the best liquidity and cheapest price of USDT market while at the same time you can trade with INR in your mind. We believe you’re going to love this option. We’ll await your feedback once we launch this.

Some highlights:

  1. WazirX Trading platform turned 6 months old: You can check out our highlights here and give it a clap ;)
  2. WazirX on CoinMarketCap: Yes, we’re now on CoinMarketCap! You can check us out here.
  3. We got some amazing reviews like these:

Something to add

Last week, we saw a competitor shut down their exchange. I want to add that this doesn’t imply that crypto is over in India. There’s nothing to worry about. Crypto is the future, and we at WazirX, are working day and night to make sure that you’re at the forefront of this amazing revolution! And we’ll make it happen, for you!

Jai Hind!

Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve every Indian in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter