WazirX open for all countries

Namaste Tribe! We’d shared our plans to go international with you in our first anniversary post, and we’ve made it happen. The doors of WazirX are now open for all the users across the globe! 💪

How to register on WazirX?

You don’t need to complete KYC process to be able to trade on WazirX. All you need to do is verify your email and mobile number (for your own security), and boom, you’re done! 💥

Sign up on WazirX now.

What’s so special about WazirX?

👉 WRX Giveaway: WRX is the first token backed by an Indian exchange. You can claim free WRX Coins by signing up and trading on WazirX. Read more.

👉 Trade & Earn: WazirX is the only exchange that rewards you for trading on our exchange. The more you trade, the more WRX you can unlock, and earn every day! Read more.

👉 Refer & Earn: We have a referral program with the highest commission payout. Bring your friends and followers to WazirX, and you can earn 50% commission on their trading fee! Read more.

👉 Available everywhere: WazirX is available on all five platforms — Android, iOS, web, Windows and Mac.

👉 Low trading fee: We have low trading fee starting at 0.1%.

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Free & instant deposits & withdrawals via P2P

After our phenomenal success in India, it’s fair that we take P2P to the world. With its unique auto-matching feature, WazirX P2P has the capability to solve the fiat <> crypto problem for everyone just the way it’s solved the same for Indians. WazirX P2P is:

👉 Faster: Instant auto-matching

👉 Cheaper: Zero fee

👉 Simpler: Exchange-like interface

WazirX P2P already has a huge advantage over traditional fiat deposit/withdrawal methods. Plus, it’s safe and there have been 0% fraud cases on P2P. We’ll roll our WazirX P2P to international countries soon. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated.

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Happy trading, tribe 🚀

Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve everyone in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter