WRX Giveaway & Mining Update — December 2019

Namaste Tribe! We started the WRX giveaway program as a token of gratitude to our early supporters for believing in us. WRX sign up bonus and mining rewards have immensely helped us involve you in building and growing WazirX. 🚀

Now, with the beginning of Phase 2 of WazirX growth, we have some important announcement:

Phase 1 of WRX mining ends

We launched WRX Mining over a year ago to reward people for trading on WazirX. We’re happy to share that we have given away millions of WRX so far. Over a period of time, we have continued to raise the WRX mining difficulty.

Now comes the major update. We’re ending the first phase of WRX mining program for trades performed after 11:59 pm IST tonight, 12th December 2019.

Soon, we’ll bring exciting plans and opportunities to help you earn WRX tokens in future. Stay tuned for our updates.

WRX sign up bonus update

Up till recently, you could earn 100 WRX tokens on signing up, and additional 100 WRX tokens on using a referral link while signing up. We have been gradually reducing the sign up bonus to honour our early users and supporters. Read more about it here.

Leveling up, we’ve reduced the sign up and referral bonus to 25 WRX. It will come into effect for all sign ups after 5 PM IST today, 12th December 2019. This is a limited period offer, so start referring WazirX to your friends now by clicking here. 💪

Note: Your reserved WRX tokens will get credited to your WazirX wallet when you make your first trade before the cut-off date.

Happy Trading 🙌

Priyanka works at WazirX, and is HODLing like most of us.


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Building India's Most Trusted Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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