WRX is here + Revealing Milestone 1 for WRX listing

Namaste Tribe! We’ve got some amazing news for you. I’m sure most of you already know this if you’ve been following our Telegram channel or actively using WazirX.

WRX balances are now being displayed inside WazirX! Hurray to that and congrats to all of you who have earned WRX. It’s rightfully yours for having helped us take WazirX to this amazing response in such a short time. I’m sure we haven’t disappointed you either!

We’ve launched 19 coins in under 2 months of launching the exchange platform.

We have a dream and it’s to build WazirX into India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. As we inch closer to this dream, the value of WRX inches towards the moon. If you continue helping us, the value of WRX will continue to increase and when we finally list it, we’ll have a good opening for WRX.

We’ve credited WRX for the following events

  1. Signup through Referral: If you signed up through a referral then you would have received the 100 WRX that we give as part of signing up using someone else’s referral link.
  2. Referral Reward: If you’ve referred others then you would receive 100 WRX for each of your referrals who ends up trading. You can currently view the number of people who have signed up on WazirX using your referral code. However, not all of them would have traded and hence you may have received a lower number of WRX. This is your time to encourage the rest of your friends to start trading on WazirX so that you can earn the remaining WRX coins as well.
  3. Contest Winners: We’ve credited all the WRX rewards for all the contests that took place after our exchange platform went live

Note: Alpha test round 1 and round 2 WRX hasn’t been credited yet. We’ll credit it this week.

What blockchain platform will WRX be generated on?

WRX Use Cases

Milestone 1 for WRX Listing

I’ll reveal the milestones as we progress.

Milestone 1: Reach 50 BTC in daily trading volume

We need to reach 50 BTC worth of consistent daily trading volume. I’m confident we can do this with your help. You own WRX, you own a part of our success. So it’s up to you now to make sure to get all your friends and family to trade on WazirX. Make sure you trade here as well. We can cross this milestone only if all of us work together. We’ve been doing our part of providing you with a robust and fast trading platform. We’re also introducing new coins every week and very soon we’ll speed up coin launches even further. But we need your help in reaching this milestone because we rely on you to bring more people to trade on WazirX.

Let’s reach milestone 1 and then I’ll reveal milestone 2. All the best! Let’s build India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, together 💪

Jai Hind!

Nischal Shetty, CEO — WazirX. On a mission to involve every Indian in the blockchain revolution! Follow me on Twitter


Building India's Most Trusted Bitcoin Cryptocurrency…

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