WB Advanced Analytics presenting at the World Summit AI 2018

Nicole Mpozika
Sep 19, 2018 · 3 min read

“How our AI products will disrupt banking as we know it? — The biggest event to demonstrate the potential of AI hosts WBAA”.

The World Summit AI is considered one of the most impactful events for the entire global AI ecosystem. Enterprise, Big Tech, Startups, Investors and Science from 6 continents scout the most innovative ideas, opportunities and applications for Artificial Intelligence. During its sell-out debut last year and among speakers from Apple, IBM Research, Google and more, Bolke de Bruin and Frank Derks- Heads of ING WB Advanced Analytics, introduced 2,000+ attendees on how AI redefines banking and the relationship with our clients.

This year the World Summit AI announced its expansion to 6,000+ attendees and WB Advanced Analytics will proudly reserve a podium to shed light on our disruptive applications of AI in banking. Androniki Menelaou, Ph.D. data scientist at WBAA and Product Owner of one of our anchor AI products — Katana Lens, mentioned:

“This is an important event where different industries are meeting with a common interest in applied AI. We want to present how ING as a bank is envisioning and taking active steps towards innovation and AI”.

Androniki will join forces on stage with Santiago Braje — Global Head of Credit Trading at ING and founder of the AI projects “Katana Edge” and “Katana Lens” — to show how AI can be used in the bond market and how ING develops beyond traditional banking AI products focusing on customers’ needs. Santiago said:

“We expect that the audience will be interested in the topics we are focusing on. In particular, the fact that the Katanas are high-impact applications to solve important and tangible problems in the real world. Data scientists can gain insights on how we use algorithms in a targeted way to solve what is hard for us, but keep the human in the loop, which allows us to deal with broader and more relevant decision-making processes than the ones AI can deal with by itself at the moment”.

How can AI revolutionize the old-fashioned bond trading desks that have been struggling since the 2008 financial crisis? What is the impact of AI to the decision-making processes of market actors and in eliminating human-bias and risk? When will the transition from Augmented to Artificial Intelligence take place and what does the future hold for this AI sea-change in the bond market? Which are the data processing and statistical challenges in normalizing bonds’ noise and automating market anomalies?

Androniki and Santiago will guide the audience through all these topics by simultaneously showcasing how WB Advanced Analytics pioneered AI in pricing with the introduction of our AI-led tools “Katana Edge” and “Katana Lens”. Trained by historical bond trading data, Katana Edge speeds up and enhances traders’ decision making, leading to faster, sharper and unbiased decisions. Katana Lens for the buying side systematically scans the bonds universe and alerts on interesting trading ideas. Both products aim to revolutionize the bond market as we know it.

Santiago mentioned in regards to the key points of their presentation:

“We will focus on the application of AI in the bond market. Our main purpose with Katana is to improve decision making; we will explain the context in which this is possible and how concretely we tackle investment and trading decisions. As the audience will have a diverse background; we will have to explain the basics of how the bond market operates and how the emergence of digital communication and electronic trading not only creates the opportunity for AI but also the need for it. We want to show that beyond automation, AI can be applied for augmented intelligence, combining human and machine strengths to make better decisions”.

Check Androniki and Santiago’s presentation below:


Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team

Nicole Mpozika

Written by

Communications @ ING WB Advanced Analytics



Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics team

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