How to Convert PDF to Word

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PDF and Word are on the list of the most used text formats. The dominance of Microsoft Word files is explainable — Microsoft Office is the king of desktop text editors for Windows users.

But, why is PDF so popular?

According to this 2014 research conducted by Duff Johnson, PDF is very strong on the web. People like using PDF quite a lot as an equivalent to real paper — uneditable, a kind of a ‘hard copy’. And, it will look just the same on any computer, as PDF ‘captures’ all the content inside. It is reliable, majorly supported (you can open such a file in any modern browser without special software installed), all the elements are fixed, and will stay in the right places no matter what. Sounds like a flawless text solution.

Until you want the elements to move, or need to edit just that one typo. Or, to copy-paste this one sentence. God, why??? :’(


PDF is great, and it won’t be replaced by any other format in the foreseeable future. So, let’s buckle up and try to solve this ever-appearing riddle called ‘Can I just, like, click one button somewhere so my PDFs would turn into Word files in a second, and nothing is lost or corrupted? Free of charge, maybe?’

In the following article you’ll learn a number of hints to make this process as painless as possible. Hopefully, you will find the perfect solution be it an online converter, a desktop tool, or a document editor with single-sourcing functionality.

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