Bootstrap 4: What’s New

A Visual Guide to The Next Bootstrap

Carol Skelly
Jun 6, 2016 · 7 min read

Heads up Aug 2017__ Bootstrap 4 Beta is out! See my latest on what’s new and changed for the long-awaited BS4 beta release.

Panels are now Cards

Bootstrap 3 Panel vs. Bootstrap 4 Card
Bootstrap 4 Context Background Colors

Fonts are Bigger

Typeface is larger in Bootstrap 4

The Grid Has Changed

Bootstrap 3 large tier
Bootstrap 3 medium tier
Bootstrap 3 small tier
Bootstrap 3 extra small tier

The Bootstrap 4 Grid

Introducing the new XL grid tier

Desktop and laptops

The XL breakpoint is screen widths > 1200px

Landscape tablets

The LG breakpoint is screen widths > 992px

Portrait tablets & landscape phablets

The MD breakpoint is screen widths > 768px

Phablets & landscape smartphones

The SM breakpoint is screen widths > 544px

Portrait smartphones

The XS breakpoint is screen widths < 544px

Many Little Things

Bootstrap 4 Buttons

Utility Classes

Update July 2016

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 3 Released

Update Sept 2016

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 4

Update Jan 2017

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6

Update May 2018


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