WD Stack on Medium

Discover the best Web apps, tools and resources

Greetings from the new extension of WDstack.com on Medium.

We think that designers & front-end developers should easily be able to discover the latest resources, tools and useful freebies.

The WD Stack is publication for frontend developers and web designers. If you have a story idea please submit the draft or published link to us for review via your Medium account.

WD Stack.com is home to the top resources on dev & design. It’s organized in collections, and stacked by popularity so it’s easy to find the stuff you really want.

Because “best” is a matter of opinion.

Deciding what’s “best” is subjective. The selection and ranking of resources should be a community-driven process. WD Stack facilitates community-driven curation where users vote on the posted resources. Instead of one author, curating what they deem to be useful, the broader community (you) builds and rates the resources to fairly determine what’s “best”.

Check out WDstack.com to find resources grouped logically by collection, or you can browse by popularity as ranked by other users.