How to Preview Google AMP Pages in Chrome for Mac/Windows

This quick tutorial is targeted towards non-developers (designers, publishers, editors, product managers) in an organization building Google AMP pages.

In building AMP-compliant pages, you’ll want to test the output. Unless you keep a drawer full of different devices for testing, here’s a quick and easy way to simulate the experience on a desktop in Chrome.

You can also use this method for helping executives and other non-technical stakeholders preview your work.

Step 1: Open Chrome and enter Developer Mode

Either use the View > Developer > Developer Tools menu or hit Option-Command-I.

Step 2: Make Sure you’re in Device Mode

Click the little mobile icon in the right pane or Command-Shift-M. You may need to refresh the page.

Step 3: Select the device you’d like to simulate

Step 4: Go to the desired URL

If you’re just playing around and want to see what the AMP experience will be like, go to and search for a recent event like “Apple earnings”.

The AMP cards (pictured under “Top Stories” above), are all AMP pages. Swipe left and right or tap on one.

Step 5: Scroll up/down and left/right

You can scroll left and right among search results very quickly, or up/down within an actual article.

And that’s it!

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