Crossroad: Navigating the 2016 Election

This presidential election is unprecedented in my lifetime in that it is between two people that should not be president by any conventional standard. I really want a wrecking ball for the Citizens United fiasco that brought us this fiasco of purchased owned candidates and an outsider that does not or has not behaved. I have been undecided longer than usual, but I’ve finally hit on an approach, maybe.

I’ve decided that if both of these candidates are unelectable scoundrels the House of Representatives (dear old won’t pass any laws congress…) will be obligated to impeach them, perhaps on inauguration day they could begin given the lies and/or harassment in the past. This seems more and more the needed recourse should either major party candidate win.

Therefore, I do not have to worry anymore about the character of either candidate. I can look at the platforms of each party and their vice presidential candidate and make a rational decision and then let the House deal with where the unacceptable line on character falls. Thanks founders for those checks and balances.

I have never been so interested in who is running for House seats before.

Now if either candidate redeems themselves (requires a miracle, and inhuman feat) it will be a pleasant surprise. Onward…

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