Maternity Care Crossed a Line

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The “Freedom Caucus” proposes removing maternity care from required health services in federal health care plans. It is their worst idea yet. Lately, the Freedom Caucus champions a freedom that means freedom for them, and for the rest of us means nothing left to lose. Worst of all, their version of perfect is detrimental to the community good.

The Freedom Caucus is virulently against a large federal government. As far as I can tell, they are against health care rules and regulations, certainly against mandates and taxes, administered at the federal level. I could live with that if there was a smooth transition to local governments able to levy taxes and provide the care. But to levy the taxes at a federal level, and then to not require maternity care, crosses the line.

True, biological men have 0% probability of getting pregnant. Insurance takes all the potential victims of a condition and averages out the cost even though a small percentage actually succumb to the condition. The “potential victims” pool does not normally include people “not in the pool”, people not at risk. For example, people without cars don’t pay for car insurance. It sounds good until you realize comon practice only defines selective pools when it advantages white men. For example women live longer, and so have to pay more per annuity benefit because on the average the insurance company might have to pay out longer. So a woman that probably didn’t get equal pay while she worked has to pay more into a traditional pension plan per monthly dollar paid out because there are on average more months to pay. However, white men live longer than POC, and yet they are not required to pay more than POC for that same annuity benefit. The insurance business has long structured the pools to benefit white men — whether consciously or unconsciously I could not say. Because the math is complicated, most never notice.

What Obamacare did was a major advance for women, in that it forced the industry to combine the pools in the health care arena for segments of necessary care. Men contribute to a fund that includes maternity and women contribute to the same fund and it covers prostate cancer. The larger the pool the bigger the benefit on average, and that is called the law of large numbers. The more people in the pool the lower the average cost for all. Average insurance costs less the more people and conditions are in the same pool.

The Freedom Caucus does not like it. They don’t like larger pools because they do not want federal administration they say. Where math says law of large numbers benefits they see remoteness and inefficiency. I’m sure some of each is true. However, they are white men and the industry as well as the Freedom Caucus is run by white men and if they get average care that is more expensive than what they had before which was privileged care.

Maternity care and pediatric care should be the first two things covered by any government sponsored health care insurance program administered at any level. Our society needs a next generation to carry on. It is in all our interest to raise a strong generation to succeed us, and to have healthy parents for that child. It would be great if each child had a well-to-do nuclear family like the Freedom Caucus claims it should, but given decimation of good jobs to automation, and the number of children born to single parents in this age, it would also be prudent to tax all of us by income to support the health of the next generation.

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