‘Cardinal Heroes’ Go Above and Beyond to Help Denver Apartment Residents

We Are Apartments
May 29, 2020 · 2 min read

This content is part of a series highlighting the apartment industry’s response to the health and economic crises spurred by COVID-19 and how they are protecting and supporting their residents and their employees.

Apartment buildings face a unique challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as both a home to nearly 40 million Americans as well as a place of work. Across the country, these employees are depended on to provide security and support more than ever by residents during this unprecedented period of shelter-at-home orders.

Recognizing that their employees are going above and beyond to ensure that operations run smoothly, tasks are still completed and that residents continue to feel safe, Cardinal Group Properties in Denver is honoring “Cardinal Heroes” throughout their buildings for their exceptional work. These extraordinary times require extraordinary efforts, and these individuals illustrate how the industry’s workforce is stepping up in this crisis.

Greg Payton: Times of need can bring out the best in people, and Greg embodied that as the WaHu building looked to navigate the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s been commended for not just bringing his experience, but a positive and collaborative outlook to get the job done and provide stability in a time of uncertainty.

“Greg brings his best to work each and every day and is always ready to support the team and the residents.”

Audra Kate Morris: Audra understood that her employees at Revelry Flats were also in need and impacted by the pandemic, even as they looked to care for those in the building. She reached out to them to make sure they had what they needed during this daunting period, both at work and at home.

“In this time of uncertainty she has maintained a sense of normalcy for us on the property and has checked to make sure we didn’t need anything at work or home.”

Luatany Avilez: Luatany has worn many hats for The Grove Mobile property as it adjusted to a new normal under the pandemic. She has not only stepped in as a housekeeper throughout the building, but helped organize and prepare for move-ins and move-outs during a time when all hands were needed.

“She’s always willing to go the extra mile. She’s a great team player. Luatany is my hero of this pandemic.”

Andrew Northcutt: COVID-19 required drastic overhauls to standard protocols, and apartment buildings were no exceptions. Andrew helped implement new procedures for move-ins as well as emergency maintenance processes at the Paramount 3800 building.

“His hard work and dedication to the efficiency of his team members and their work are a prime example of a strong leader.”

We Are Apartments

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