How To Become A Successful Abroad Law Student?

I thought to help law students who are trying to pursue their career in law industry and came up with an idea to write in order to share my experience with lot of hurdles I faced in 4 years studying law.

I am a successful lawyer now and it took me 15 years to take this position and bring my name in the market. When I took initiative of my career to become a lawyer I did not know that I will go through with so much difficulties in this area of study. The first few days in the college were flowing with lots of fun through meeting new fellows and making some good friends. I was originally from India and went to study abroad (UK city law college) to study in order to get better education which my family thought was the smartest step at that time. There were large number of students from other countries and I can put them on the average of 40% out of 100.

After attending few classes I came to know that every country has different laws as they possesses different constitutions and I will be studying British law accordingly. The law was not limited to countries as there were many countries who had different laws for their different states on the count basis of majority and minorities. I came to know that these laws can be amended on the basis of open civilian voting system and the parliament has the right to make amendments in the constitution by voting through the parliaments.

I got my first assignment by now and I had to submit it in just one week. When I saw the assignment I realized that I had missed some lectures carelessly and the assignment was like carrying a mountainous stone over my head now. I discussed it with some fellow students and came to know that they had no different situation than what I was actually facing at that time.

I failed to submit my first assignment and realized that attending all lectures is compulsory. I started to maintain notes for every lecture and after two weeks I got my second assignment which was a law essay to be submitted in one week. I went on writing my first law essay and my notes helped me a lot in it. I submitted it to the teacher and I got marks below average this time.

It was just one month and I failed to submit first assignment and my second attempt was unsuccessful as it did not get me passing marks. I was very tensed as I was not expecting such start for my law studies. I went to the teacher and asked If she can tell me where I was lacking and did not get passing marks and what are the areas that I should improve to get good marks for all my assignments? She had given me useful tips that I am sharing in this article to all the students so that they can excel in their academics.

The teacher told me that; I am lacking in writing as I do not know how to write it with correct pattern. I have to follow the correct methods of writing law essays or assignments. She said that when she tells the method of writing in class I should give it a closer attention as this is something that will enhance me as a lawyer in professional life. She suggested me to read different articles and blogs by experts to get the knowledge of writing correctly. She also suggested me some books to learn how to write properly.

She added; Before start writing your law essay you should go through your notes and text book and write down key points in a rough paper that you think will be useful to write in your essay. Make sure to review all notes assigned by the teacher.

You should use your own thoughts in order to bloom your own ideas by writing your topic and thinking creatively on the scenarios that you can create in that topic, like; any new questions that you can add, any new case scenarios related to that topic or go through researching over the internet to pin point the key points. Ask teacher that you are willing to choose your own topic as it will cover all the corners of your personal interest.

Use adequate and proper channels of research. There are three types of sources that expert academic researchers use which includes primary, secondary and tertiary sources. Subject matter includes primary sources whereas secondary sources are always used to analyze the primary sources. The tertiary sources are internet based collected sources which is not allowed many times but in such cases you can use library as your tertiary source.

Start collecting information from your tertiary source as it will consist of many case references, questions, articles, blogs, encyclopedia etc. Gather all of the necessary information that might be added in your writing and transfer those in to a rough paper. You can speak to your law librarian who can suggest you best law books to gather more information. Try to gather as much information as you can for your tertiary source.

Now you can start creating an outline from the data that you have collected from the tertiary source. Start creating arguments for both the parties as it will capture the readers attention. This is the right time to draft your essay.

I will write another blog on how to draft an essay soon and you will find it here in the coming week. I hope the information provided till now will help you understand as which initial compulsory steps are required to grow yourself as a brilliant law student.