one on one —Uruguaio

last week, we introduced you to our team influencer and cultural engineer, Julie. today and for the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to the rest of the team, so just know that by the time this series of posts is over, you’ll love each and every one of them, just like we already do.

our guest of the week is Gustavo Bouyrié, but everyone just calls him Uruguaio. he is from the lovely city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, but currently resides in the historic Barcelona with Bruna, his wife (with whom he just married! hooray!). he is one of EAT’s talented visual artists and has such a great, contagious vibe that will put virtually anyone on a constant good mood when he’s around. you’ll never see Uruguaio mad about anything, and that’s just how his energy flows.

how did you start working with design?
I started as an intern in an ad agency in Porto Alegre while studying graphic design at UFRGS. then, I went to another one as art director and worked some time in a local clothing brand where half the creative department was, well, me. all of this while creating concept posters and graphic materials for a lot of events I produced with some friends/partners. this whole background made me understand that my passion was to work creatively and I just couldn’t get rid of it, so I started to work as a freelance graphic designer, doing some projects with EAT, until the day these guys invited me to be part of the team. I just can’t describe how happy I felt!!

what makes you happy in life?
I could say my energy comes from being surrounded by people I love and admire.

what makes you happy at work?
as I mentioned, my passion lies on creating things and solving problems, but probably the most important part for me is doing things I feel really proud of.

what was a trip you will never forget?
a road trip I took with a friend in the US in 2014. it was awesome! we crossed the country from Miami to LA, going through New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and lots of other amazing places. I feel nostalgic just by typing this here.

what would you say to Uruguaio from 10 years ago?
keep trusting your gut. I can’t say you’re always right, but I feel so proud you always did the best you could and never gave up… thank you so much for that! But you should quit smoking. it’ll just get harder and harder.

and what would you say to future Uruguaio?
ok, adulthood, responsibilities, blah blah blah… but you’re still so young, so alive! don’t let anything put out this fire inside you!

how do you feel about working at EAT?
working at EAT is a combination of things that make me happy personal and professionally. we’re not always physically together, but I talk everyday to these guys I really love and admire, and we always push each other to do the best we can on the projects we work on.

how does EAT help you get closer to your “dream life”?
besides doing great work with people I love, working at EAT gives me freedom to do this anywhere I want. this made it possible for me to live in the city I fell in love with since the first time I stepped onto it: Barcelona.

define EAT in one tweet
dream team!

what’s your best memory about EAT?
probably my first team trip to Buenos Aires in 2016. I was on the team for just a couple of months and I hadn’t met some of the guys in person until that point. the first time I heard all those voices and saw their faces live… to get the chance of hug and hangout together with those people was simply amazing!

* every week, we’ll be introducing you to one of our team members so can you learn a little more about our stories, who we are and what (or, who) makes EAT, EAT.