Being a Childlike Leader

Archana Vijai Kumar
Feb 13 · 5 min read

Our daily life revolves in a quest. A search that was embedded in us since youth. The search for happiness. Some find happiness through worldly pleasures, such as money, fame, status and in people. Others search for it inside of them, through inner peace. Yet, we all stumble upon the confusing theory of “living life to the fullest.” We are all told that, but never guided as to what it truly means.

True happiness can be derived only if we take leadership of our lives. To take charge of every aspect of our lives. We have to understand that no one else will make us reach a certain goal or stage in our lives other than us. We are the CEOs and we are the employees of our life. Legends such as Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs didn’t wait for others to act upon their lives to change it, they did it themselves. In a world that gloriously worships self-doubt, working on your goals and becoming a better person is a positive rebellious act that needs to be done.

But, how do we become the catalyst of change in a society that fuels the act of mediocrity? How do we become different in a world where being different is a disgrace?

1) Be childlike

We’re born into this world as a child. Yet, from the first step we take up until our deathbed, we are told to act like adults. We are told to think like mature adults. Decide and act as such. Mothers would always tell their children to not cry publicly or wail for something they want. As a result, we become adults, with a child-like heart.

The question is, why does the world feel it necessary to be an adult? What have mature adults given us in this world? Wars. Separation. Destruction. We have seen adults lose their essence of humanity and kill for their selfish needs.

And what have children taught us? The beauty of love. The selfless act of kindness. The art of truly being happy. Have you ever seen how an adult eats an ice cream? They eat it carefully, ensuring nothing drops on their clothes or dirties the table. And a child? The child is in his own sublime world. While he eats it, the ice cream droops down his hand and his clothes. Yet, he remains unbothered and in a state of total happiness, merely enjoying that ice cream. The main focus is on enjoying that ice cream. Everything else seems redundant to him.

We are so evolved into taking great care of our appearance and behaviour in public until we forget to enjoy and appreciate the small things in life. We worry more about how we look rather than enjoying the time we have with some loved ones.

We need to be childlike. To forget about what the world thinks and feels and to work on what gives us happiness. Why worry what the world says if your dream is to be an artist? Why worry what the world says if you’re happy in your own skin? Why worry what the world says if you wish to stay single your whole life? The world will never make you happy. You will. Dance in the rain, sing out loudly even when your voice is bad, cry openly when you feel like it and love without any boundaries. Be the child that you always were.

2) Learn and experience everything

Everything starts from the initiative to learn. We learnt to crawl, walk and eventually run. We did fall, many times, but this never withered our hope to ever walk again. The world is a learning platform. The smallest of things can teach us so much, if we only have the heart to see it. Children teach us to love unconditionally, poor people teach us the value of appreciation, jobless people teach us the value of a career and a student teaches us the power of education. Learn to love, give, smile and laugh more. Work on unique skills and talents.

We tend to have an understanding that we do not have to learn once we are grown up. That we are superior to some only because of age and experience. This merely fuels our ego and thinking that we are better than others. At the end of the day, we’re all seekers of wisdom and truth. This Earth is made for us to inspire and be inspired.

So even if you are 50, look for people to learn from. Learn from your children. Learn from your parents. Learn from even that friend you hate. We all possess values worth learning from, we just need to choose to look at it and disregard the bad. Do not give up learning because the day you stop learning, is the day you truly die.

3) Be a leader

The never-ending problem with humans is the confusion of choice we have. We get confused when we have to choose our life partner. We get confused when we have to give up a dress for jeans. We get confused when we have to pick between a pizza and a burger.

We have our duties to play. The duty of a child, a student, a sibling and a friend.

So, take full responsibility for your life. Remember, there is no one else that will reach your goals other than yourself. Fulfil all your duties and obligations. Be the CEO of your life and you will never need to work for anyone else ever again.

The main problem is that we feel we are mediocre. That we are not brilliant, like others. Daily struggles make us feel dependent on others for happiness and success.

Each of us is made to reach the skies. We are capable of anything, if only we put our minds, heart and soul into it. Enlightened souls have grasped success and excellence with the mindset; I CAN, I WILL AND I MUST. Give up all the fears that you possess. Give up the thoughts that are pulling you back. Embrace your passion and work for it. That’s the true pathway to happiness.

We can make our lives better or worse. It all starts with the idea of working for a better life. We can choose to be mediocre, struggle daily and still remain unhappy and dull. Or we can choose to work hard on our dreams, take good care of our relationships and contribute to society in whatever we do. Together, we can change the world. We only have to start with ourselves.

“ Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

-Steve Jobs-

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