Cheers to 4 Years!

HoneyBook turned four years old on May 1st, 2017. Here’s a look back on what we’ve accomplished.

HoneyBook’s roots began in 2013 after Naama and Oz experienced firsthand the pains of running creative small businesses. Imagine a mad designer and a hip bar owner — oozing hustle and charisma, but hating the administrative drudgery.

After fortuitously meeting Dror at Oz’s bar one night, Naama, Oz and Dror pitched their idea to an investor from Silicon Valley, who decided he would back them with a few thousand dollars on one small condition: they had to pack up and move to California from Tel Aviv within 7 days. They thought about it for less than 24 hours and said, “Yes!”

Once in Silicon Valley, the team began their it-started-in-a-garage tech story. They met Shadiah — who had tried her hand at creative entrepreneurship by catering for the rich and famous in LA, only to find that processing paper checks and managing backend tasks were not as glamorous as the clients she served — and the current HoneyBook product was born.

Oh how times have changed! Today, HoneyBook is the premier software and community for creative small businesses. In four short years, the HoneyBook family has grown to over 110 employees, we have gained the #1 spot on Glassdoor for our irreplicable culture, and have secured $46M in funding from top venture capitals. We are growing at whirlwind speed and are continuing to build a world-class team.

May 1, 2013: HoneyBook officially launched by invitation-only to learn how to develop and market our product in a scalable way.

Early days at Oz and Naama’s home, our first “office”

November 1, 2013: Cha-ching! Our first transaction processed through HoneyBook. $1,100 to be exact. In comical irony that only God can play, we accidentally mail a check to our first customer ever. Her name is Elisheva and we love her!

December 2013: From the very beginning, our founders knew establishing core values would be our north star in times of triumph, and even more so, in our moments of hardship. They decided to define them early on, and this was the month they were “incorporated” into everything we did.

You can see these same core value posters in our office today

May 30, 2014: HoneyBook grew out of the “garage office” phase and moved into our Bluxome Street apartment. We thought, “this is IT!” Little did we know we would outgrow that office within six months (and stay for another six).

SF office
Tel Aviv office

September 2014: We raised $10M for our Series A round and Oz, Naama, Shadiah and Dror bought $10M worth of sticky notes. Just kidding. We started investing in product and development and doubled in size.

Naama mapping out the HoneyBook “eco-system”

March 2015: B is for HoneyBook…and a Series B round! HoneyBook raised $22M and doubled in size again. We were able to hire more sales, marketing, product/development, and put resources into our infrastructure (AKA hire more Ops peeps).

SF team
TLV team
Never stop investing in talent, and believe that people come first.
— Dror Shimoni, Cofounder & CTO

April 2, 2015: We launched our first ever large scale event called The Hive, to educate, inspire, and ignite conversations and connections amongst our members. The event emphasized the importance of building and maintaining relationships, a challenge small business owners face without a community like The Rising Tide Society.

Shadiah Sigala, Cofounder & Head of People

May 1, 2015: Bursting at the seams with 39 employees, and using the laundry room, kitchen, and hallway for conference spaces, our SF office made the move to our current Bryant Street location.

We wanted to create a space for our members to cowork in

June 27, 2015: In creating a product that combines marketplace, network, and workflow, we coin a term that sparks a brand new segment in the tech industry: Market Networks.

November 4, 2015: HoneyBook is awarded the Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur. The most shocking aspect? That we’re considered a midsized company!

December 9, 2015: Great minds…Feeling a kinship through matching values and mission, HoneyBook announces a partnership with the inspirational Rising Tide Society, and powers the community through education, events, and resources. RTS has grown to over 60,000 members with chapters across the nation.

March 10, 2016: Anticipating our members’ need to work with anyone, at anytime, anywhere, HoneyBook announces the acquisition of AppMyDay and begins the awesome journey of creating our brand spanking new mobile app.

The team: Guy Eldar, top right; Doron Gutman, bottom left; Elad Gelman, bottom right

March 2016: Wedding Spot and HoneyBook join forces to create more transparency within the events industry, help venues grow their businesses and ensure consumers find the perfect vendors for their big day.

Wedding Spot team

April 2016: Seeing our members connecting to each other and marketing their work through social media, we focused on creating a meaningful and engaging community on Instagram, hitting 10,000 followers!

Left: Alex Cho; Middle: Allie Sheikh; Right: Adam Daigian

July 20, 2016: After shifting to React Native for our mobile app, our Tel Aviv office gained recognition as thought leaders for React Native, and held their first Meetup on the topic at WeWork TLV.

Guy Eldar presenting his learnings

September 9, 2016: Hitting the 25 employee mark, it was time for our Tel Aviv team to move into a bigger space that matched our San Francisco office in design, but most importantly, the feeling of home.

Our General Manager in Tel Aviv, Maya Wolkoon, managed this impactful undertaking

February 2017: Boom! HoneyBook is named a Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur for the 2nd year, which Shadiah writes about in her blog post, HoneyBook’s Winning Culture: inspired by our customers, creative entrepreneurs.

Putting the emphasis on people — customers, employees, investors, partners, job candidates — has allowed us to develop a culture where the driving force behind each interaction is a genuine concern for the well-being of others.
 — Shadiah Sigala, Cofounder & Head of People

May 1, 2017: HoneyBook turns 4!