Say hello to our newest HoneyBookers!

Left to right: Loren, Georgia, Rachel, Jack and Lily
Q. What is one entrepreneurial thing you’ve done in the past or present?

Lily (Member Experience Associate): I ran my own spice rack business through an Amazon FBA Warehouse. After hours of scrolling through unpractical, expensive spice racks, I realized there was a demand without any decent supply :)

Jack (Sales Development Representative — Wedding Spot): For my first Marketing class in college, we were assigned to come up with a new product, construct a 100+ page plan, and present it like Shark Tank at the end of the quarter. An engineer in my group convinced the team (not me) to go with something he was making in his other class which was a modified skewer to roast the perfect marshmallow, every time. We called it “The Marshmallow Fellow.” After we conducted all of our research, we found out that no one was going to buy it and the engineer didn’t even make the prototype in his other class. We learned a lot and had a very entertaining pitch which saved our grade and made me realize that sales might be the better route for me.

Georgia (Sr. Lifecycle Marketing Manager): When I was 8, I co-founded Two Pitchforks and a Little Bucket — a local stall cleaning and horse feeding co-op. For just $1.25 per week, my business partner and I would (with the help of our chauffeur mothers!) feed your horses and clean out their stalls 5 times per week. We had one client. She paid us weekly by check.

Rachel (Customer Success Coordinator — Wedding Spot): I founded my jewelry business, Rachel Wallace Designs, my senior year of college. Initially, it started out as a hobby but it soon turned into a small business as I begun selling on Instagram, Etsy, and eventually on my own website.

Loren (Sr. Product Marketing Manager): I started a company called Caida Libre. It was sort of a marketplace for experiences. We offered our users all kinds of cool activities like skydiving, wine tasting or even a personalized song. Our top selling experience was a 60 min massage in your own home!

Q. What’s one thing you plan on accomplishing your first year at HoneyBook?

Lily: Challenge myself to think outside the box. I want the hours I spend working to have an impact instead of just churning out work.

Jack: As a fresh college graduate with a Marketing degree, I am looking to explore and put my hands in as many buckets as possible. Once I get comfortable with my sales role, I really look forward to immersing myself into more of the marketing and data analysis side of the company. I know I have a voice here and I will try to contribute in any way I can.

Georgia: My goal at HoneyBook is to streamline our customer lifecycle — from acquisition to renewal — so our members and potential members are receiving the most personalized experience possible, and moving through lifecycle stages in an organized, thoughtful way

Rachel: I hope to help my team form a plan on how we will successfully expand our outreach to couples about what we as a Concierge Team, and Wedding Spot as a whole, can offer them during their wedding planning process.

Loren: I want to help creatives understand and realize the value of using a tool like HoneyBook to manage their business. My favorite part of my job is understanding our users’ needs and then crafting powerful messaging that resonates with them. Ultimately it’s all about helping them manage their business more efficiently so they can spend more time doing what they love.

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