Can We Trust Business?

And will 2018 see the ascendency of human brands?

Tim Moore
Tim Moore
Jan 2, 2018 · 6 min read

“What are the projects that will replace famine, plague and war at the top of the human agenda in the twenty-first century?”

That is the question Yuval Noah Harari asks in his book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. It is a huge question, and Harari offers suggestions on what those projects might be:

  1. “To find the key to happiness.”
  • At macro level — collectively through our governments and public services, NGO’s, corporates, small-to-medium sized businesses, charities, communities and social networks throughout the world.

“Social media platforms, in particular, have been used and abused in ways that we, their architects, never imagined. Much blame has been thrown and guilt felt, but the important thing is what we as an industry do now to ensure that our impact on society continues to be a positive one.”

The decisions we make over the next few years will be the most critically important, perhaps existential, decisions society will ever make. So who should we entrust to make them?

Can we trust business?

In November, I attended Emerge 2017 which is a conference about driving transformational social change. The programme included a lively, Oxford-style debate around the proposition:

Gib Bulloch at Emerge 2017

A generation awakened

I am convinced Brexit and Trump have shaken an entire generation out of political apathy and complacency. People will more carefully consider the potential consequences of their decisions when they enter the voting booth.

  • Halve the environmental footprint of Unilever products.
  • Source 100% of agricultural raw materials sustainably and enhance the livelihoods of people across the value chain.

Human brands

My colleagues Jamie and Johan founded ‘We Are Human’ 7 years ago with an ambition to create and partner with human-centred brands. Kahoot! was designed with the human learning experience central to its vision.

We Are Human

Musings about entrepreneurship, growth, design thinking and…

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