Android versions distribution in 2015

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Google just updated the dashboard on the official developer site, containing all sorts of data about the current state of the Android OS. The most interesting one focuses on the distribution of the currently available versions, a valuable information for everyone in the app industry.

Google releases these numbers at the start of every month, collected through a seven day period. At Makery, we aggregated all of these from last year and made a chart, to visualize the changes:

The original chart is available here:

While the winner of 2014 was KitKat (which grew from 1.8% to 39.1%), last year was all about Lollipop. Also known as Android 5.0 and 5.1, although rolled out in November of 2014, only appeared first in the charts last January at 1.6 percent.

Throughout the last twelve months, this went up to 32,6%, with 5.0 finishing at 16.9%, and 5.1 at 15.7%. The latest version, dubbed Marshmallow, released to the public in October, opened at .3 percent, reaching .7% at the end of 2015.

And some sad (and almost disturbing) news — we’re yet to see the very end of FroYo and Gingerbread. The two relics of Android past don’t seem to go away, hanging on at .2% and 3%, respectively.

See the same chart from last year and from 2013.

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