Being a hipster is still in right!

I’m Balazs from Makery, a mobile team from Budapest, Hungary. This story is about one of our lovely side projects called HPSTR Wallpaper.

HPSTR provides artistic wallpapers to your iOS and Android devices from the best creative communities like #Unsplash, #500px and #Reddit with hipster shapes, effects and cool filters. With HPSTR you can sync your favourite wallpapers in real-time with your Android watch or OS X homescreen.

Watch this 1 min video about the app (cool track alert, headphones on ☝️)

Music: Numback — Snowdrop

Since we are a mobile team, most of our time is spent with our phones, gadgets and computers. We check our screens several times every day. More than normal people usually do. Sorry friends and family. 😅

We are also in love with beautiful photography, great minimalistic design and all things technology.

We created HPSTR over 2 years ago because we wanted to express ourselves with a design related project. Unsplash made a huge impression on us, soon it’s launched we managed to deliver the first version of HPSTR to Android. It was one of the first apps on the #madewithunsplash site.

In the past 2 years we found our like-minded community. Since the first launch 8 MILLION wallpapers have been generated on Android, which means a new wallpaper in every 7 minutes. Cool, isn’t it?

Homescreens are beautiful.

We didn’t update the app since its first launch, which we know was a risky move from our side. Lots of you were asking us to do it and we are very grateful that you stayed with us, even if it took longer to adjust your needs.

Today we are proudly launch:

📱⌚ a Huge UPDATE of the Android app

- Sync your favourite wallpaper with your Android watch
- Enjoy a bunch of new geometric shapes, cool effects and filters 
- Try out the 3D parallax motion for a more lively experience
- Pick different shapes, effects and filters by hand as you like
- Testing a ‘wear-your-background’ concept: simply order a t-shirt or gym bag with your current HPSTR background

📱💻 a NEW iOS app landed at the AppStore with OS X Sync

- Get all the beautiful photos from Unsplash enhanced with cool fragment designs, effects, shapes and different filters 
- Sync your wallpapers in real time with your Mac
- Pick different shapes, effects and filters by hand as you like
- If you fancy your own photos you can import them from your Camera roll

Is HPSTR for you?

Yes, if you caught yourself at least once in your lifetime scrolling endlessly on #Unsplash, #Reddit or #500px just for fun, this app is built for you.

It’s also built for you if you love to be inspired by the beauty of everyday life like nature, travel, animals, people, the sky and so on.

Go give it a try for yourself!

Download the HPSTR app by clicking on the buttons above!

+1: there’s more for the future!
If you want to inspire others, soon you can wear your favourite wallpaper on your new T-shirt and gymbag.

💌 Send us your thoughts, recommendations, feedback or anything that popped in your mind — we’d love to hear from you. :)

📷 Or just join the community on Instagram: @hpstrapp We love to see your favourite designs with the #hpstrapp hashtag.

✍️ If you’re reading this as a journalist, check this post for more details and stats from our last 2 years!

Ps.: Thanks for all the talented photographers, contributors and makers of Unsplash, 500px and Reddit.