Hello, Wil: Introducing our new content marketing associate

It’s exciting to grow a team. It’s especially exciting to grow a team with an individual who is as talented and passionate about content as Wil is. With that being said, we’ll turn it over to Wil to introduce himself through a good story.


Name: Wil Spillane
Team: We Are Mammoth, Kin, DoneDone
Role: Content Marketing Associate
Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Favorite place to eat/drink/chill: Iron Hill Brewery is one of my favorite places to go in the Delaware area. Homegrown in downtown Newark is a close second. Looking for more to add to my list in downtown Wilmington, so if you have a suggestion, let me know!


I was born in Newark, NJ, which can be heard in my tone or seen in my face from time to time. I spent my childhood living in the shadow of New York City in New Jersey, and relocated to Delaware as a teenager. My career has been a wild ride since adulthood beginning with traveling across the United States as a marketing manager and creative director for an urban-pop music group. Back in those days, I had bleach-blonde hair, wore all black everything (I still do), and lived the life of the brand I was responsible for developing.

This work gave me the foundation to begin my next adventure — studying at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. and working with WWE’s wrestling proving ground, NXT.

I grew up a major fan of pro-wrestling. For three years at WWE, I collected more stories, smiles, and tears than I had ever imagined I would. I met heroes, watched others grow, and was a part of a team that took WWE and Full Sail University’s relationship to new heights. Molding my experiences with WWE and in the music industry into who I really am allowed me to think of my life in chapters and to treat working remotely as a responsibility and not solely a privilege.

My greatest accomplishment so far is having worked with WWE on integrating Connor’s Cure (a non-profit supporting childhood cancer research and funding for families undergoing cancer treatment) into their corporate social responsibility efforts by developing the strategy to induct Connor into WWE’s Hall of Fame. I cannot explain the emotions I felt while seeing my work unfold on such a large stage and for such a great reason. To this day, I have been chasing this feeling and I hope to feel it again some day.

Since leaving WWE, I have been on a journey to reconnect my skill set and passions into my everyday environment and that’s how I landed with WAM. I am excited most about developing practices and delivering results with a collection of colleagues who are tasked with moving industries into the future. More importantly to me, I am passionate about working in and developing a culture that respects the acronym OOO.

When I am not at work, I tend to plan my time as if it was on a schedule. I watch this T.V. show, I see these friends, or I have a date night. Now that I have resettled back in Wilmington, DE., I plan on getting involved in politics and the non-profits who will be in need as we move into the new year. Sometimes, though, I like to just relax. Maybe enjoy a good book, play a video game, or risk getting a noise violation for listening to Michael Jackson’s catalog just a little too loud.

MJ’s music is a happy place for me. It gives me the same feeling that a great cup of black coffee, a piney or spruce-y beer, and an autumn breeze with my hoodie up provides. I think they call it ‘stopping to smell the roses.’

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