MKE. A Place For You. A Place For Me.

Just a few thoughts on why Milwaukee is the gem of the Midwest.

When you think of big cities, you think of Chicago or New York right?

I can guaratnee you that Milwaukee never once crossed your mind. If it did, then props, because you my friend are a wise human being.

Welcome to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the cheese is in abundance, and so are the friendly people. The city is a bustling one, but come 8 pm the city begins to settle down, and by 9 pm on a week night the city is quiet. But don’t let the quiet of a small city fool you.

Milwaukee is home to some of the most amazing eateries and breweries. The city is your oyster, and with over 1300 restaurants, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re the dairy-loving lactose intolerant, or the vegan veggie head, there’s something for you. I promise. A personal favorite of mine is Comet Cafe. It’s an eclectic atmosphere, but it’s probably one I wouldn’t reccommend for your overly conservative grandparents. However, if you’re looking for a place where hipsters thrive, this is the restaraunt for you. If for some reason hipsters are of no interest to you, then I hope the free bucket of bacon on Sunday afternoons is. Yes, you heard me, Comet Cafe gives away a free bucket of bacon on Sunday nights.

Leon’s Custard

Did you ever think sliced bread was the greatest thing out there? I’m here to tell you there’s something better. And it comes in a dish or cone. Meet frozen custard. Originally invented in 1919 in Coney Island, inventors decided to add egg yolks to ice cream to make it smoother and last longer. Almost 100 years have passed, and we find ourselves in the midst of a custard frenzy. Wisconsin has taken on the task of making it better. And that is just what they’ve done. Visit various custard joints around the state, and you’ll be sure to find a favorite flavor.

Mine you ask? Tiramasu.

If eating is not your thing, then I suggest you go figure out a way to make it your thing. Ok, just kidding, but seriously if food doesn’t interest you as much as it does me, then I suggest you look into Milwaukee’s entertainment scene.

For the art junkies, the Milwaukee Art Museum is a place to not only over-analyze art, but a place to refelct, and take in the striking views of Lake Michigan.

The Milwaukee Art Museum. Photo by Timothy LaRose

Think the Milwaukee Art Museum is just too mainstream? Well make your way two miles west of the lake, and you’ll find yourself right on Marquette University’s campus. Yes, that’s right, there is an art museum on Marquette’s campus. A great one at that. The Haggerty Museum of Art, showcases artists, both local and national. The art itself can be both thought provking and aesthetically pleasing. And the best part you ask? It’s completely free.

The Haggerty Museum Of Art, Marquette University

You think music is your forte? Do you believe that you have disovered the next great band via YouTube or SoundCloud? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the music scene. With over 20 concert venues, I promise you when I say there is a concert every weekend. It could very well be Cher, or it could be Freelance Whales.

Who are Freelance Whales you ask?

Good question. I couldn’t tell you.

But Milwaukee’s music scene covers it all.

It also doesn’t hurt that Milwaukee is home to the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest. Over 800 bands perform over the span of 11 days, on 11 different stages.

Summerfest Grounds. Photo By Sheila Siemer

Milwaukee loves its music almost as much as it loves its cheese curds.

Just kidding, that’s impossible.

Cheese curds are always going to be number one in the hearts of true Milwaukeeans.

Interested in theatre? The theatre scene is thriving here, and quite frankly, underrated at times. For someone like me who has the attention span of a 4 year old, I thought it would be near impossible for me to sit through a play. But, I was proven wrong last spring after going to the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. It’s an intimate atomosphere, but one that fosters a great experience for the audiece. The part that truely won me over was the fact that they serve local coffee, fresh baked cookies, and affordable spirits. When I walked in and smelled the cookies, I knew I was going to be a happy camper.

Oh did I forget to mention the Lake? Some believe it resembles an ocean due to the massive size, but as someone who grew up next to the Pacific Ocean, I can promise that is indeed a lake. When there’s not ice on the lake, it serves as the epicenter of recreation. You can run along the paths, bike, or for the less atheltic crowd, including me, you can walk along the lake and take in the beauty instead.

Me, attempting to ride a bike and simultaneoulsy take a selfie.

Ever wanted to sail?

Sail on Lake Michigan with ten of your closest friends.

Did your mom ever tell you that you were a bad driver?

Prove her wrong when you rent a pontoon boat, and drive it down the Milwaukee river.

Jet skis seem scary?

Face your fears and rent one.

Recreational sports might be fun, but wait until you attend one of our professional sporting events. You don’t have to be an avid sports fan, you just need to understand that Wisconsintes take thier sports seriously. It doesn’t mean you need to convert to a Brewers, Bucks or Packers fan, it just means you need to respect the ground that they play on. Trust me, take my advice on this one, DO NOT pick a fight with a loyal fan. You will regret it. DO tailgate. It’s a must do at any sporting event.

A nose-bleed view of Miller Park.

The opportunites are endless in Milwaukee. It’s an up and coming city, and sure doesn’t recieve enough credit for all that it has to offer. It’s a city with character, beauty, good food, and nice people.

There you have it. Milwaukee is pretty neat. There’s something for everyone. For both the young and the old. It’s quiet, yet loud all at the same time. It’s a slow-paced city in the fast-paced world that we find ourselves in. And with all of these things combined, you find yourself captivated by the city and its Midwestern charm. It’s what keeps the vistors coming, and it’s what keeps the natives from leaving.

The Milwaukee River

Now, I can’t give you a money-back guarantee if you don’t love it here, but I can give you my honest word. Milwaukee is a place you need to visit. Forget going to Hawaii for your next getaway, and make the effort to visit this Midwestern gem. It’s sure to put a smile on your face, and who knows, maybe you too could turn your temporary visit, into a permanent stay. Just ask me, I’m the girl who visited, and never left.

Taking in the skyline and the beautiful weather.

Milwaukee might not be the place I was born and raised, but it’s the place I hope to call home for a long time.

It might have its quirks, but don’t we all?

Thanks for the love MKE.

It’s a place for you, and it’s a place for me.