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Grant Cameron has replied to my email giving his OK for my releasing the following information and speculations

Marc Hurlbert
May 17, 2018 · 6 min read
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“May you live in interesting times.” ~ancient Chinese curse

From watching the recent video on YouTube titled “Grant Cameron on: Portal Update and Experiencer.” I noticed that he mentioned Joseph Firmage. I’d not heard of him before, was intrigued and did some research. As a result I now feel that this has lead me to a large part of the answer to the current mystery of what is happening with disclosure. Another video by Grant Cameron that gives more information on this is to be found here:

Joseph Firmage seems to have kept things rather quiet concerning his enterprises and plans for years, though he has released some rather cryptic videos as far back as the late nineties. I found that he has put out some information about a new organization he has founded by the name of the International Academy of Science and Arts, under which there are divisions such as INTERNASA, Motion Physics, ManyOne, and Science Modeling and others. Before this he was CEO of USNet, a three billion dollar company that was responsible for much of the development of the internet. He resigned this position to start his newer enterprises as the result of a contact experience that he reports having had with an intelligent, non-human entity. Here he describes this event and where it lead him:

Digging deeper, I discovered certain similarities with Delonge’s TTSA efforts and that seem to connect him to the Security State as well. Similarities such as a familiarity with Hal Puthoff, his claim to having contact with officers in the military and with Martin-Lockheed as well as his recent opening of a media production branch among others. This search eventually lead me to the “Bouncing Box” device that Grant referred to, as well as videos of this device. This is claimed to be an anti-gravity, propulsion device and one may read on his sites about it’s development and how it seems to work through the phenomenon of gyroscopic precession. They state that they are now working with the improved, third-edition prototype. It seems probable that this might hold the explanation for Mr. Delonge’s recent statement that for the technology they have promised to come out in the open, it has to be invented and patented by a private company. Firmage’s organization ststes that they are going through the process of sending technical papers off to be published in scientific journals and also are be filing for patents.

It is to be noted that one of the videos, titled “Become ManyOne” has to do with business, finance and the Internet. It speaks of the way that the general citizenry has been fleeced over the years, concentrating incredible wealth in the hands of a few elite. It further states that “For 25 years a different internet operating system has been developing,” promising to somehow change this and states that it has as a purpose, among whatever else it will do, in “improving the financial situation of more than a billion people and enterprises in 60 months, promising to be a new internet for all.” This is apparently, at least in part, supposed to help to provide lifetime incomes for all involved. A lofty goal indeed, provided they can pull this off.

There is a video of a meeting and discussio — of Joe Firmage with Dr. John Mack, Daniel Sheehan and a small group of others that occured in San Francisco on June 5, 200 — that Is helpful for understanding the philosophy said to be driving Mr. Firmage’s efforts. What he claims to be attempting seems wonderfully altruistic and a tremendous boon if it proves out. We will just have to wait and see.

On the basis of these findings I have come to some tentative, hypothetical conclusions. The first is that Firmage and Company have apparently developed an actual anti-gravity and free energy process. They state that it can lift and propel a weight of 200 lbs, is self-powered, and uses only the amount of energy it takes to power a light bulb. This would mean that it operates on an overunity basis, thereby also being a source of “Zero-point energy” which it would need ro draw from the quantum-vacuum energy field.

A further, tentative conclusion I have reached is that it seems that there are at least 4 sequential parts to this closely-managed, disclosure process:

#1. Disclosing (revealing) UFOs as real by official, government sources

#2. Revealing anti-gravity/free energy technology through the MotionPhysics division. These may turn out to be two aspects of the same technology.

#3. Final development and implementation of IT systems for internet integration of financial and social infrastructure (the ManyOne program), It seems likely that this may have to do with, in large part, a way to manage potential social disruption caused by the introduction of what will likely be the most disruptive technology introduced since the controlled use of fire.

#4. Disclosure of the ET presence.

It is likely to be of primary importance to the ultimate Powers That Be (PTB) that #4 not be disclosed before #1, #2 & #3 (in that order)..I am coming to think it very likely that the order — the importance of the sequence in which these events occur — is made somewhat clearer now. This progression would at-least partially explain why UFO & ET secrecy has been so important to the PTB. INTERNASA, the Academy of Science and Arts and MotionPhysics would seem to be key to item #2 with TTSA and AATIP laying the groundwork for this enterprise and with #3 tying this all together through a social/financial framework. It would seem that those running this overall operation likely feel that it is of supreme importance that #4, the extraterrestrial presence, not be revealed until we have technology somewhat on the level of at least the more modest, basic level of the UFO/ETs. This might explain why the evidence in the form of videos of UFOs is coming so slowly from the security state and in ways that leave their provenance somewhat questionable. It would seem that the PTB feel that they dare not risk letting out knowledge of what or who is behind the UFOs too soon. I will also make the observation that it seems that Trump et al. are providing a distraction that is providing a “useful,” dampening effect for the process — like control rods in a nuclear reactor, perhaps…

I will risk a couple of very-hypothetical, speculative predictions, if I may, that would seem to follow from my foregoing conjectures. The first is that at some point in the not-too-distant future the International Academy of Science and Arts (IASA) and TTSA will join together or merge. If not, then they will likely at least work together very closely since the IASA might provide the means — the technology — to accomplish some of TTSAs goals. Another is that Firmage speaks of his ManyOne program in term of it’s being a “portal” into a new future that will join the peoples of the world together through the internet in a more equitable society. I think it possible that the portal that Dr. Ronald Pandolfi, said to be the head scientist of the CIA, who also has connections with IASA, keeps referring to and promising may well turn out to be this “portal” through the internet and not necessarily one that will transport us to other locations in the universe (though that might also be a possibility as well.) This does seem like the kind of misdirection that the CIA et al. would employ.

Many people, over the years have come up with ideas and plans to change the world for the better. Few if any of them have found success in their attempts and many of these things have turned out to be scams. Joe Firmage is the first that I have seen who might, actually, just-possibly have the resources, experience and connections to bring it off. It further seems just possible that, If he has success with these ventures, then the next few decades may turn out to be the most disruptive, exciting and, hopefully, beneficial times that one could hope to experience. It remains to be seen. I wish him good fortune in his efforts.

Here is his vision of the future. May it come to be so:

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

Marc Hurlbert

Written by

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

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