Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Intelligences Engaging Our Planet Is Underway —

U.S. Government Insiders Reveal Details of Pentagon UFO/UAP Investigation

Press Release — December 20th, 2017 — The Disclosure Activists

December 20th, 2017. Seattle, WA and New York, NY. The Disclosure Activists have been reporting that there is a well-orchestrated plan by elements formerly and currently within the U.S. government who are seeking formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence that has been engaging our planet for decades. There are similar efforts underway in many countries around the globe. Last week the plan for Disclosure stepped into high gear with several earth-shattering revelations about the U.S. government’s research into the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

What was revealed by Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy was a formerly secret Pentagon research project to investigate the UFO/UAP phenomenon with a reported annual budget of $22 million. The investigation ran from 2007–2012 and was said to have been terminated due to a budget shortfall while some work continued. The project was overseen from the Pentagon by former Department of Defense intelligence officer, Luis Elizondo, now an adviser to To The Stars Academy. Former senator Harry Reid worked with Senator Daniel Inouye and late Senator Ted Stevens to secure the funding for the project in 2009. They also worked closely with Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, a space technology company founder and government contractor who has gone on the record about his absolute belief in extraterrestrial life.

The investigation’s findings included video imagery like the 2004 U.S.S. Nimitz encounter with strangely maneuvering craft, as well as forensic research into materials and alloys the team said were unrecognizable by current scientific standards. They also stated that the flying objects observed appeared to ‘defy the laws of physics’. While the program was designed to investigate possible aviation threats to our national security, the findings have much more serious implications — who are flying these craft and what are their intentions? We have reason to believe their intentions are not hostile, as evidenced by decades of non-hostile activity and sightings (over 139,000 sightings in the U.S. between 2001–2017), individual ET contact experiences, as well as phenomena like crop and earth formations (which number in the tens of thousands).

This is a major step towards formal Disclosure effort after years of government inquiries, lobbying, public outreach, and speculation. There is now a public, transparent group of former government insiders leading open research and disclosures regarding possible extraterrestrial intelligence and the exotic, advanced technology used in their craft.

We do acknowledge that many UFOs/UAP are terrestrial in origin. However, researchers have found a connection between these craft and extremely powerful sources of energy and methods of propulsion long held secret by the U.S. government. Disclosure of these emerging tech’s existence can now open discussion to these alternative, and likely cleaner sources of energy, as well as new options for space travel and exploration. But that could be just the beginning — these events could presage open contact with our extraterrestrial neighbors and we have many reasons to think that is exactly what is unfolding now.

The Disclosure Activists believe the press and media are responsible for accurate, open research and reporting of UFO/UAP evidence and these new groundbreaking developments, including the history of the Disclosure process unfolding for 70 years.

We believe these revelations are part of a coordinated plan by elements formerly and currently within the U.S. government who are seeking formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence that has been engaging our planet for decades. There are similar efforts underway in many countries around the globe.

We are not alone in the cosmos and we never have been.

Video version of our release. See below for our statements.

About The Disclosure Activists:

We are an activism and advocacy group working within the international extraterrestrial Disclosure/Exopolitics movement. Our efforts bring together UFO/UAP and earth/crop formation investigators and researchers, consciousness researchers and scientists, and contact experiencers.


Press Contacts:

Russell Calka — Russ@DisclosureActivists.org

Dr. Lisa Galarneau — Lisa@DisclosureActivists.org

Statements from The Disclosure Activists and Our Advisers and Colleagues

From The Disclosure Activists Co-Founder, Russell Calka:

The bombshell article put forth by The NY Times December 16th 2017, was long overdue. In effect, what this did, was provide three major stepping stones:

A. It validated everything, we, the UFO community, have been investigating and analyzing for decades.

B. It gives the mainstream media, the ‘keys to the castle’, to start asking more serious questions, as they are beginning to provide straight-talk on the subject.

C. It gives the foundation for the rest of the United States, and the world, to learn something extraordinary — something they didn’t understand prior.

Two days following The NY Times article, another major event took place, this time on ‘Out Front with Erin Burnett’ on CNN. Luis Elizondo, former Head of the Pentagon’s classified Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, when pushed by Burnett whether or not he believes these craft were of Extraterrestrial origin, replied “My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone”. This was an indirect admission, by Elizondo, that ETs have indeed, visited the Earth.

I want to thank all of the dedicated researchers and colleagues that I have worked alongside for many years. We’ve been waiting for a day like this to come. Feelings of vindication are sweeping the floors and the best is still yet to come.

Statement from Dr. Lisa Galarneau, Co-Founder of The Disclosure Activists, researcher, futurist, and ET contact experiencer:

Despite literally decades of outstanding investigation and scholarship regarding the UFO/UAP phenomenon, formal recognition from our governments has been a tough nut to crack. Acknowledgement of the Pentagon’s special project is notable since the U.S. government’s last official investigation of UFOs ended in 1969 with the Condon Report and Project Bluebook. Despite repeated FOIA requests and petitions, as well as the Rockefeller Initiative, official deniability has been firmly in place. Until now.

What remains to be seen is where the formal Disclosure effort now takes us. For instance, who are behind these sightings and what are their intentions? ET contact experiencers have had a lot to add to this conversation. Data from experiencer projects like Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) indicate that most humans who have experienced ET contact have perceived it to be a positive experience. Is it possible, likely even, that what is currently underway is a profound intervention in our affairs? If so, why would our governments hide this critical information from us? National security is the most likely answer, but it now appears our U.S. government is prepared to open the kimono. What do they know that they are obviously on track to reveal?

Statement from Grant Cameron, The Disclosure Activists strategic adviser, and author of the Clinton UFO Storybook: ET Politics in the White House and Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan:

There is one thing that can be said about the unfolding UFO story. The government has disclosed that there are UFOs and at least the Department of Defense has investigated, concluding that the unknowns represent technology not found on Earth. Now, the Government is leaking videos into the public of these UFOs. The Government has also disclosed that hardware and reports on years of investigations are housed under the control of aerospace executive Bob Bigelow in Las Vegas. I, as someone who has worked on this for 42 years am watching closely as new elements are leaked.

Statement from Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, The Institute for Exoconsciousness, The Disclosure Activists strategic adviser, author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind, and ET contact experiencer:

The Institute for Exoconsciousness, representing increasing numbers of individuals and growing international communities of extraterrestrial experiencers, welcome and celebrate Disclosure that unfolded through recent public media coverage on the government’s funding and research of the extraterrestrial presence. As extraterrestrial experiencers, we integrate our contact — whether face to face, craft sightings, or paranormal interactions. Our work was inspired by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut and experiencer.

As Exoconscious Humans, we affirm the innate abilities of all humans to connect, communicate, and co-create with extraterrestrials. Disclosure leads to confirmation. Extraterrestrial experience leads to transformations of consciousness, physical healing, heightened psychic abilities and planetary awareness. Through contact we become Exoconscious Humans — who co-create our planet into harmony and peace. As Exoconscious Humans, we are active, engaged, and Post-Disclosure Citizens, consciously choosing and directing our future from the experience of our contact.

Statement from Stephen Bassett, Paradigm Research Group, registered U.S. government lobbyist and organizer of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure:

And now another key event has taken place. What separates this event from all the others is this: it was promulgated by the Pentagon. For the first time the U.S military has released gun camera footage from a military plane intercepting a UAP, It was not a trivial interception. It occurred during events involving the U.S.S. Nimitz Carrier Strike Force in November of 2004. Further, the Pentagon has confirmed a UAP investigation running from 2007 to 2012.

The Pentagon has stacks of gun camera footage of UAP intercepts dating back to the 1940’s. Will more of these be released? Furthermore, the U.S. Government has NEVER stopped investigating UAP since the 1940’s. Revealing this one investigation is strategic. What is that strategy?

Statement from Cheryl Costa, UFO Investigator and journalist (SyracuseNewtimes.com), author of UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001–2015, strategic adviser to the Disclosure Activists:

With all the interest in the weekend news stories about the Pentagon UFO research program, did anybody really listen to the pilot’s transmissions? At one point he said “there’s a whole fleet of them!” Our research has borne this out — there have been over 139,000 UFO sightings in the U.S., based on data aggregated from MUFON and the National UFO Reporting Center for the period 2001–2017. In the period 2010–2017, there were approximately 90,000 sightings.

Statement from Chad Laibly, MUFON UFO Field Investigator, and Disclosure Activists strategic adviser:

This Disclosure effort finally sheds light onto the reality of who the community of official UFO investigating members really are. Far from being a “tin hat brigade” the truth is and always has been that they are experienced individuals with higher degrees (B.S., Masters, Ph.D), and having previously worked in military, scientific, law enforcement, investigative journalism, federal aviation, medical, educational and private military contractors sectors. They are highly intelligent professionals who have been trying to get an important truth out to the masses while fighting a negative, well-funded smear campaign led by elements of the national security community.

With the truth finally out, this community is now the best resource for media and the government to learn from. Years of ignored and suppressed evidence simply await unbiased review. This evidence is available in the form of pictures, physical objects, trace and forensic evidence, magnetic anomaly recordings, radar data, medical records, night vision video, and many, many other data sets collected for over 50 years by thousands of MUFON field investigators and specialized Star teams working with Bigelow Aerospace Industry members.

Statement from Dr. Joseph Burkes, retired physician, UFO researcher and activist, ET contact experiencer, Contact Underground:

If the video reportedly released by the US military and covered by the New York Times is a legitimate contact encounter, then it is of great significance. What has been called a de facto truth embargo is being opposed by groups within the Executive Branch of the government including I suspect the POTUS. Rather than full disclosure that many UFO fans crave, we have a series of leaks that hopefully will set the stage for a general societal discussion of the reality of UAPs and their tremendous importance for Earth civilization. In my judgment for many decades there has been an ongoing struggle within sectors of the what has been called the military-intelligence-entertainment industrial complex with small well-organized factions helping people like Bill Moore, Dr. Greer and now Tom Delonge.

It should be interesting to see how the MSM will respond to this latest release. For decades they have been unwilling to cover this subject adequately because in my view the overwhelming majority of terrestrial ruling elites are still fundamentally opposed to full disclosure which would likely be destabilizing to their hegemony. I’ve heard that the Chinese have a saying. “May you live in interesting times!” I am told that these words are a form of curse. Damned or not, disclosure and contact activists will continue their grass-roots efforts to build support for more openness on this subject. My guess is that this process will unfold over decades, if not generations. Nevertheless, what an exciting experience it is to be alive during “interesting times.”

More From The Disclosure Activists:




A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

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