Chris James Boardman
Jan 9, 2018 · 15 min read

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Just to let you know, this will be a decently long article. I have experienced so much in the last couple of years. I have had experiences since 2011/2012 and things kept occurring on and off right up till today. allow me to tell you and perhaps many others who may happen to be reading this right now. I would like to add that at the time I were experiencing some of these strange events, I was struggling and still today I struggle to understand why I had experience those events. What I am about to say may disturb you and obviously children so continue reading and discretion is advised.

I have experienced many of events. So expect a long Synopsis. Hardly a brief, I don’t know how to keep this simple but I can’t. When it comes to ET Phenomenon and something that appears to be out of this world, it is so complex and bizarre in nature. I often find myself confused and scared of ridicule. These experiences that I am about to tell you are something that has happened a couple of years ago and I do get some ‘’odd’’ activity every now and then but I do try and ignore whatever it is sometimes. I just want to live a life just like the rest of us, however I have realised recently I cannot keep this to myself any longer and I want to do much as I possibly can to aid The Disclosure process, quicken it because sooner the better in my opinion!

Now that is out of the way.

1st contact/ 1st ever encounter. I honestly did not expect it, it actually happened within my own household, minding my own business. Watching TV with my dad, you know…being an average 15/14 year old. It was around 10pm, getting a bit late for me at that age, so I then I decided to head off into my room, placed my laptop there, plugged it into charge, I then had an urge to go to the toilet, so yeah I did my ‘’business’’, from what I can remember when I came back to my room, I was shocked! I didn’t scream. I could not move for a bit. I saw a humanoid figure, Very bright white light gleaming from this ‘’ light being’’ at the time that’s the only thing I could remember calling it straight after the experience. At the time, obviously for a teenager at that age, would be terrified. At the time I was very quick to just dismiss it as an hallucination but I never had history when it comes to hallucinations. Anyway, there’ was more to it than that. Soon as I saw this ‘’light being’’ for some reason, my vision ZOOMED into a specific region of her body, such as her head and shoulder, tried to quickly see if I can identify who this ‘’thing’’ was. I couldn’t, I was scared to stay in the room any longer, I felt a VERY strong presence in the room, it was the most strangest thing I have ever experienced. I ran out of my room quickly, shut the door and the weirdest part of that moment is that the woman spoke to me telepathically, sounding very gentle and sending ‘’positive’’ emotions to me, I did start to feel calm but I was too cautious to let my guard down. I felt like I was under threat, It then became clear to me that I had my first or one of the first contact experience I have had with a ‘’light being’’ but I really wanted this woman to just leave, I couldn’t see her face, it was too bright and honestly, the presence also felt warm…I was freaked out as you could tell. When I asked her to leave, IN MY MIND. I spoke to her, telepathically. YES I did communicate to her telepathically, it was very strange and I don’t know how I did that, it is strange and I felt crazy at the time, when she went, I felt really upset, trapped and also asked why me, why did this occur, what was that, what did she want? but at the same time I felt excited and relieved simply because I have possibly encountered E.T/Inter dimensional beings and that is the greatest discovery that any man or human woman could ever discovery or know that we’re not alone in the universe. Over time as I experienced certain encounters, it did start to make sense. I had all sorts of theories, questions and perhaps visions in my mind after the encounter.It really was a paradigm shift for me, a complete change of my reality.

As a child, I was happy of course but at night I had odd feelings of something being there and I remember when I were 5 years old, at a caravan site, I was in the little bedroom that I had whilst I was staying there for one of my holidays, now this was an odd experience.. I think it is E.T related but I didn’t see anything bizarre. It was just complex emotions for a child at that age to be thinking and asking questions, is there other people out there, living on planets in other solar systems? I looked at the sky, there was barely any light about, in fact it was the darkest part of the caravan site in castaway, that was the resorts holiday park name. I saw the Milky Way. I was in complete awe. It was quite spiritual in nature and never experienced something like that. That was my first interest in ‘’E.T’s ‘’ and at a young age, I use to be and still can be emotionally sensitive when it comes to the ‘’news’’ war, murder, rape…abuse.. A load of horrible stuff going on in the world.

I remember wanting ‘’E.T’s to help’’ I did call for help, in my mind. I wished all of the bad and the really ugly stuff to just STOP. So now I understand when it make sense as to why they chose me. I didn’t want ‘’contact’’ as I got older and matured abit more. I didn’t really ask for this, all I wanted is for the human race to lift out of its own shackles. I knew something was going on in the world that was sinister.

2nd Encounter/Experience

This was a U.F.O sighting at my house in Bryn/Wigan — Ashton — In — Maker-field Northwest

I remember this so clearly. Happened in the year 2010/2011 around about then, I definitely remember the time I experienced this, It was actually an AMAZING experience. It’s crazy to even say this but I saw a triangular UFO outside in the front garden, very low in the sky, flying around the houses, quietly….humming/slight buzzing sound coming from the craft. Now weeks/days before this, I did hear this ‘’humming/buzzing’’ sound prior to this event. When I saw the triangular UFO, it was shining this red beam of light/dark red laser. more than one beam of light, like it was searching the area for something. I don’t know. Right before this experience I was on my laptop, after watching a video which made me feel ‘’spiritually ‘’ enlightened. I felt amazing. I was meditating as well. I have the strong desire to lift humanity upwards. Unfortunately I just don’t know how. I had goosebumps whilst watching a video on YouTube, now I don’t know exactly what it was. I don’t seem to remember about that. But when I saw the U.F.O it did HOVER! Like didn’t fall or moved it just stayed there. 30ft or more above the ground, just above the height of my house, but I could see inside the cockpit, it was white, really bright inside but I could SEE humanoid figures inside the craft. It was a black looking craft on the outside with long small windows at the front to allow their pilots to see. You know. I didn’t feel scared at all just LOVE.

Paralysed. I could NOT MOVE. I wanted to, so I can take a picture or record at least but I was in the front room, looking out of the window at 2am ish, paralysed. Felt at peace, shocked as to what I could see. Again the ‘’light’’ beings or something was in that craft. After like a couple of seconds, it disappeared, very quickly. Zapped across to the opposite direction in a white flash…After the experience, I felt sick, sore and confused. I felt asleep with a mark on my cheek which I still have, I don’t know what that is but it looks chipped, I assumed it was caused by chicken spots when I were younger, scars from picking it but that maybe the case.

Oh don’t worry, there’s more encounters/experiences, they seem to occur when I feel spiritual at its highest point, they seem or things start to come or kick off. Not usually in a negative way, it’s just unusual.

3rd Encounter.

Was weeks after the ‘’sighting’’ experience that I had, I did not expect this, I thought the things I have experienced was possibly just my ‘’imagination’’ or something, I was a sceptic. I tried my best not to dwell on it too much, but I was a little stressed one night and decided to ‘’medidate’’ I wanted to contact my ‘’higher self’’ I did research on the spiritual side of a human being, I do believe in chakras and that we have a soul. I am connected to myself in that way. A lot of people are, at least I think so.

Anyways, I was just meditating, listening to chants and some binaural beats, also with some little bells or tunes to raise my vibrational frequency/energy’’ to feel more ‘’positive’’, it was a half an hour session, then I started to feel a dark but strong presence. in my room, I was not expecting it. I felt chilly. I then just assumed it was just the heating turned off, I thought nothing of it. When I woke up from my ‘’trance’’ from my meditation, I realized I left my curtains/blinds open and it was pitch black outside, but suddenly, a bright security light from someones house turned ‘’ON’’ an and the light was shown on this weird…creature. I saw its collarbone FIRST, for some reason my vision ‘’zoomed’’ again and altered due to fight or flight response. I was in panic, I was confused. I then went out of my room, I lost the sense of time, it was supposedly 10pm at the time that occurred, I remember looking at the clock but the second hand in the clock, did not move, time seem to be slower or stood still, so I went back into my room and I was confused, decided to be ‘’brave’’ and close my curtains and blinds. I successfully did that and it was gone, no where to be seen. I was afraid for most of the night. it was light blue/grey ish in colour, the skin of this weird creature. I saw its eyes, big almond black eyes, It did blink? I could NOT believe what I just saw.

ALSO the sense of time came back to me in the morning, that night, I slept well surprisingly. I woke up with blood on my pillow, not a lot but I had a nose bleed or something that night whilst I were sleeping. Not too sure why.

Then after a couple of months of no experiences. It was strange but I was kinda glad but at the same time…I missed having those experiences, whilst it was scary, I just wanted to find out more as to what they want since I now know I am dealing with more than one entity/species I have no clue of their origin but what I definitely know that there are good and bad forces, the one with the big black eyes, bluish in nature in terms of its skin tone. .. I don’t think it meant any harm.. Although I had no idea what its intention was, I now have ideas as to why it was there but I will keep that to myself for now though. As for the one in the triangular craft. I now believe it possibly could be a government experiment in the UK. Military experiment more like. Also there is a Manchester military airfield not so far away from my home. The day after that experience, the next night, my friend saw and heard a military helicopter flying LOW over my street / houses — residential area and my friend could see it chase a RED/orange ball of light, it was glowing. From what he told me. He then told me he wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time so he could not see it clearly but it was definitely strange for him at the very least. He knew it was a military helicopter, one of those military helicopters with two propellers at the top, I forgot the model. I am not that intelligent when it comes to those sort of things but they sound different obviously compared to normal /police helicopters, there is a bit of a difference and louder.

4th Encounter/UFO sighting during the time when sun was about to set, like an hour or so before the sun setting to allow the night to take over.

Few months after not having experiences of my own, I then had another strange bizarre sighting, before I saw this ‘’UFO’’ Diamond/Pointy shaped craft outside I was and were watching a program called ancient aliens and in my head, I tried to communicate with E.T’s it was an experiment of mine, I was brave enough at the time to do such a thing, I wasn’t really expecting anything though but it appeared suddenly in the sky, the woman or something spoke in my head, I looked outside and I saw this object in the sky, it was huge to be honest. Although it was very very high up into the atmosphere but not so high where it looks smaller than a bird, I could see it hover, spin around 360 degrees like there’s no limitations. Again it goes against the laws of physics that we ‘’primitive’’ humans can only barely grasp an understanding of the matter, it was metallic and I could see the light shine upon the object and when the sun got brighter, so did the object and it went higher and higher into the atmosphere, flashed white light for about a second and nowhere to be seen. At the time, unfortunately enough I wasn’t expecting it. I was looking for a camera as soon as I saw this U.FO. but instead I looked through the binoculars trying to make out what it is.

Now the final or at least the last experience I seem to remember. This is also a strange experience. Well it all is to be honest. It happened after a skype call with a good friend. I was settling down for bed, was early, say about midnight. Turned everything off. Relaxed. I was just about to sleep after drinking a drink that I made for myself earlier, suddenly I saw BRIGHT LIGHT outside, and no it could not of been the security light in my neighbors back garden, I thought of that at first. I was afraid to be honest. I get getting calls of my phone ‘’unknown calls’’ that night. I picked up and it was just static. I shut my eyes so tight that I eventually forced myself to sleep. I did not like that at all. Then I woke up with another random call in the morning, I felt rough. As you could imagine, since I slept like the way I did. I answered my mobile phone, a foreign language something bizarre non human in origin was speaking down the other end, with some audio disturbances in the background. I hung up within 5 minutes. the everyday of every week during 2011 or at least half of that. I saw sightings most nights going home from my ex’s house and was my girlfriend at the time obviously. It was amazing.

I had strange encounters, some may be just military experiments and some were definitely out of this world. At the time I was a firm believer in Christianity, My mother saw I contacted an ‘’angel’’ with the light being and well. I thought that was a deluded response. I didn’t want to say it was a ghost either, it couldn’t of been. I mean I have seen beings, a woman with long hair which I could see mainly through her year before the first experience. I thought that was a ghost but today I still dismiss that as a hallucination or illusion. I was half asleep, like an hour after I got up this morning. That is all that I can remember at the moment. I will surely update this UFO/ E.T file case if needed

Thank you for taking your time to read my experiences and what I have seen, will never ever leave my memory. I now think it is amazing, the more I see or allow them to engage in contact with me, with no help or assistance with any type of psychedelic drug like some people may do because it enhances your ‘’third eye’’ or something along those lines, I don’t care what drug it is, I don’t want to resort to more drugs into my system no matter how legal or safe they are, I take heart medication and antidepressants so I am not a big fan of narcotics. So that is my background

I was brought up to be a kind, loving and respectful young man, I have my parents to thank for

Stay safe and embrace the shift in our society. I hope we can gain momentum to get more and more people to push our governments to stop lying, they lie to cover up another lie. I have read countless of documents and files. Kinda boring after a while actually but anyways, I will stop right there before I rant on, it is another thing that does upset me. Sooner the truth is out and accepted by the most of the population, the better, sooner these new beautiful technologies that can enhance our quality of life and civilization as a whole.

Ever since I had my FIRST ever experience contact which was in 2010 as far as I can remember, I did research, on my dad’s laptop, at the time I did not have my own laptop and I was pretty young, the more I watched documentaries, read documents and research, I got upset, angry and also excited. A lot of emotions.

I do have strange markings near my Elbow on the left. Looks scooped or chipped. I have photographic evidence which is on my public group at Airpulse UFO-ET International Disclosure Project on Facebook. I do also have visions of me being abducted, in my mind’s eye, it is like a memory and I can see that I am floating/levitating in the air if you will, I have this light around me, keeping me still. I see myself going through the hallway and into the living room where I see small and big humanoid creatures with big eyes, I went THROUGH the patio window/door without breaking and without injuring myself or these beings.

I see the craft with beautiful coloured lights. That is where the vision often ends. and whenever I LOOK at the strange mark, I do often get visions of needle going into my left elbow in the past and recently (in 2011–2017 on and off) That is often associated with these types of visions which also leaves me in a trance then I snap out of it. I know I am not alone in this and I want others to know that they’re not alone in this universe and alone in experiencing this sort of thing. It is becoming increasingly more common. Day by day, more and more people are coming out and it very hard to just cover this up and say it is simply just mass hysteria, which I really don’t buy into that and I hope you guys dont too.


Done some Artwork which is related to my UFO-ET Contact Experiences and dreams. This is very real to me, it is up to you if you want to believe me or not but those who do and want to listen, hear me out and remember that it is good to be sceptical but it is also good to have an open heart and mind.

Strange,Unusual ARTWORK below:-

This image and the others below were taken by my phone camera and was aiming it at my laptop screen where I posted all of these images to my Instagram @Wigan96 — Thank you
Just some artwork related to what I know about ET’s and my own ET/UFO CONTACT experiences — Remember, to stay open!




Chris J Boardman

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

Chris James Boardman

Written by

An ET contactee and spiritualist - UFO+ET Researcher (8+yrs of research) I am deeply concerned with humanities path and I want a FULL disclosure event

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

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