Extraterrestrial Disclosure — The Evidence

Before You Decide What You Believe, Know the Evidence!

Dr. Lisa Galarneau
Jan 24, 2017 · 5 min read
The CIA released millions of documents related to the extraterrestrial phenomenon in January, 2017

The Evidence of an Extraterrestrial Presence

Credible Witnesses

Citizens’ Hearings on Disclosure — Washington D.C. 2013

Roswell Cover-up

The Rockefeller Initiative

Cover-up and Soft Disclosure from Government Space Agencies

E-mail Leaks, Freedom of Information Act, Majestic, and CIA Disclosures

Disclosures from Other World Governments

Citizens Already Know the Truth

More Reading

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial…

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