The day humanity leaves planetary adolescence and comes into Cosmic Adulthood.

Never before will humanity have come across a mirror of such crystal clarity as the one which will be shown to us the day we make open contact with an interstellar civilization. In the face of such a reflection of what we could be, it will shine light onto what we have chosen to become. We will no longer have a way to hide things under the rug, nor to justify the ugliness and depravity we inflict upon each other. This mirror will be reflecting the full extent of our dormant virtuous human potential and give us an opportunity to choose again.

In order to become ready to one day take our place in the community of peaceful interstellar civilizations that are all around us we must first look inward to remember who and what we truly are as a Conscious Being.

Many humans have forgotten who and what they truly are and they mistakenly identify themselves as merely the result of complex biological functions. This very inaccurate and very materialistic view has been at the core of much misery and destruction motivated by the ego operating in fear, where people have abused their creative genius thinking up ways to kill and/or dominate other humans (conscious beings).

Our technological prowess has far surpassed our social and spiritual maturity as a species, and we have some catching up to do.

I think that the inevitable actualization of the scenario I posed in the first paragraph of this post will serve to force people to take an honest look inwards. This may be a scary moment for some as they will have (up until that moment) lived a very shallow existence with an awareness that only extends to the surface of them selves. It is why I felt moved to share this inevitable event on here, so that those who had not considered the ramifications of open amiable ET Contact up until now, would have the chance to approach that reality on their own terms, rather then be confronted by it the day the announcement is made.

In taking the steps to still our mind and become reacquainted with our Eternal-Self, then communicating with other beings (whether human or otherwise) from that coherent state of awareness we are helping our species to move towards being ready to leave adolescence and come into Cosmic Adulthood.

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