The Disclosure Manifesto

Let Us Unite Around The Greatest Story Humanity Has Ever Known!

We know without a doubt that our planet is being engaged by off-world civilizations. The UFO/UAP phenomenon has been discussed, analyzed, assessed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance, military, and intelligence authority on the planet. Historically the secrecy has been defended as a matter of national security, however there are elements within governments and militaries trying to get this story out to the public. As an activist group, we are committed to uniting various research groups and organizations in order to get this game-changing information out to mainstream audiences. It is the greatest story humanity has ever known, with implications that will propel us forward as a species.

We stand for the following:

  1. We confirm that a variety of governments, militaries, and other organizations have had contact experiences and ongoing investigations that they have kept veiled in secrecy for decades. In addition, tens of thousands of civilians have reported UFO/UAP sightings, crop and earth formations, and other contact experiences.This is valid data that needs to be aggregated, disseminated, and discussed in public fora, the press, and media, without stigma or ridicule..
  2. We affirm that there have been recent efforts by world governments, government agencies (like the CIA), whistleblowers, and leaks to disclose the off-world presence. These efforts require awareness and amplification by the public, and it is our mission to bring this information to international audiences.
  3. We challenge the United Nations, all nation states, the press/media and international institutions to recognize the existence and legitimacy of an irrefutable compendium of evidence, including de-classified and classified documents obtained from government data storage facilities about UFOs/UAP. We call for public investigations and hearings into these matters.
  4. We encourage scientific efforts to identify and contact off-world civilizations (i.e. SETI, NASA), but to date they are incomplete, despite a slow effort to disclose the possibility of other life in the cosmos.
  5. We confirm that Intelligent life beyond our planet exists and advanced civilizations have various communication methods and propulsion systems that have allowed them to engage our planet.
  6. We understand that our off-world visitors hail from numerous star systems and races and that our contact experiences with these others have been both negative and positive. We believe that Disclosure of the off-world intelligences engaging our planet and civilization could mean a quantum leap forward for humanity.
  7. We are aware that there are numerous unacknowledged and suppressed technologies that have been revealed by these interactions with off-world visitors and we know that some (e.g. free energy) could greatly accelerate human progress.
  8. We attest that government truth and transparency are critical to the success of any democracy, and we have a right to know the truth about our off-world visitors.
  9. We believe that open, positive contact with our off-world neighbors is imminent and humanity must be prepared for the knowledge that we are not alone in the cosmos.
  10. We support truth in Disclosure, free of disinformation and hidden agendas by the government, press, media and science. We know that vast amounts of information and evidence are deliberately being kept secret and takes the form of a truth embargo concerning the presence of off-world civilizations. We deserve to know the truth and to understand its implications.

Will you join us?

About the author:

Dr. Lisa Galarneau is a socio-cultural anthropologist, futurist, US Army veteran, and social activist.