The Disclosure of the Extraterrestial Truth Embargo: Timeline

Effort for ET Disclosure began in 1993 and continues to the present

These are but some of the major players in the ET Disclosure movement today

Below is the exact timeline to date of key events that make it clear that there are ex-Presidents, high-level Military Intelligence and Pentagon officials that are keen to see a Disclosure message out to the public. The key to unlocking this confirmation is the general public.

1993–1996 (March): Begins with the Rockefeller Initiative — a movement by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller to push the Clinton Administration to get to the bottom of the UFO issue and release what they could find— it failed after a three-year attempt by Bill Clinton, as he was stonewalled.

Some notable names that took part: Leon Panetta, Mack McLarty, George Stephanopolous, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Richardson, Jack Gibbons.

2002 (October): John Podesta calls for the release of the UFO Files, citing it’s the law, we have a right to know, and that quite frankly the American people CAN handle the truth — John was a very well-connected and powerful man in DC. He does this in front of the media at the National Press Club for the Coalition for Freedom of Information

2003 (October): John Podesta again reaffirms his statements from the prior year at the National Press Club for the Coalition for Freedom of Information

2004 (March): Gov. Bill Richardson, who wrote the foreward to the Roswell Dig Diaries, wrote an article in SFGate about how the U.S. Air Force needs to re-investigate Roswell.

2005 (September): Bill Clinton goes to Hong Kong and during some Q&A answers questions as best he could, re: UFO’s.

2007 (October): Gov. Bill Richardson is a guest on Chris Matthews and speaks again about Roswell and the faultered story the U.S. Air Force put out.

2013 (April 29th-May 3rd): Stephen Bassett of PRG (Paradigm Research Group) holds the first ever Citizen Hearing on Disclosure — a mock Congressional hearing which consisted of six former members of Congress. It spanned over a couple of days in which thirty hours of testimony was devoted to the Rockefeller Initiative.

2014 (April): Bill Clinton appears on Jimmy Kimmel. The purpose here was to indoctrinate himself into the ET issue. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD’s were about to be released to every member of Congress (500 strong) but hit a snag in production (Clinton didn’t know this) — but he knew the Rockefeller Initiative was part of that, so six days before they were be delivered, he goes onto Kimmel and talks UFO’s via scripted questions.

2015 (February): Upon his exit from being the head of Obama’s White House transition team, John Podesta puts out a tweet heard round-the-world. “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of UFO files. @thetruthisstilloutthere cc:@NYTimesDowd.”

Podesta used the key term #disclosure — a term coined by The Disclosure Lobby (a Facebook lobbying group and recently closed down) which was part and parcel to PRG’s lobbying efforts on the Hill — millions of faxes, letters, emails went out to different hand-picked committees and such. This means Podesta was very well following us and knew what we were trying to do — he was trying to help. He also cc’d Maureen Dowd who is an accomplished and hardened journo from the NYT. Dowd crafted a piece in ’97 titled ‘We Are Not Alone’ challenging the Air Force’s conclusion on Roswell. It was also a nod to the media to start getting involved.

2015 (March) — President Obama schedules himself to be on Jimmy Kimmel. This occurred one month after Podesta’s tweet and 10 days after PRG met with staffers on the Hill. Obama is asked scripted questions on ET almost exactly similar to Bill Clinton’s — he answeres but injects humor into — for a reason.

2015 (September) — Podesta strikes yet again. Lena Dunham interviews Hillary Clinton to appeal to the female millennial audience to get them to go out and cast votes for Clinton — Lena doesn’t ask Clinton the ET question. Podesta, tweets out “Great interview @lenadunham. But Lena, ask her about aliens next time!! #TheTruthIsOutThere and he cc’s Hillary Clinton — officially bringing her into this.

2015 (October) — One week prior to Hillary’s first critical primary debate, Bill schedules himself to be on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show — where again, he is asked about an alien presence on Earth and how we might face it — Clinton responds in a way that expresses cooperation with ET as it’s in our best interest

2015 (December) — Knowing that Congress is out on holiday break, Hillary & Podesta try a very specific tactic. Back in 2008, they approached Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun in Conway, NH. Steer at the time, asked Clinton about the ET’s & UFO’s and she didn’t really answer. It was no coincidence that they go back in 2015 to test the waters and see what, if anything, the media may do. They approach Steer again and this time Clinton goes on the record — she didn’t have to. She states “If I become President, I will make it by business to dig into the UFO files and get whatever I can — I may even send a task force into Area 51 (similar to what Eisenhower did)” but most of all she says, and it’s the first time ever that a Presidential candidate says this — “I think we may have already been visited, we don’t know for sure”

2016 (January) — To coincide with the return of the X-Files to FOX, and for the very first time since their inception, the CIA aligns themselves with the return of the show, and tweets out that there are 10 documents they have that Mulder & Scully would LOVE to get their hands on — they list out 5 for Mulder and 5 for Scully and hashtags the word #flyingsaucers. This is an agency that has always used deception, denial and ridicule to bury this issue.

2016 (February) — Obama goes onto Ellen Degeneres this time, and is quizzed by a little girl named Macey (she is a Presidential whiz and can name them all in order). Obama at one point glances over to Ellen as he’s waiting for the ET question (again scripted). First Macey asks him about the ‘Book of Secrets’ but doesn’t answer much — then she asks him “are aliens real” — Obama does a stalling tactic and asks Macey what she thinks, giving him enough time to appropriately respond. He then says “well, the truth is Macey, is that we have not yet made any direct contact with aliens yet” Firstly, that’s the wrong answer, and secondly, he chooses to use the word DIRECT — he could have very well said, no such thing, we haven’t made any type of contact at all — but he carefully chooses the word DIRECT — very, very interesting.

2016 (March) — Podesta goes onto KLAS-TV in Las Vegas to reaffirm to Steve Sebelius Clinton’s remakrs she made in Conway, New Hampshire.

2016 (March) — Weeks later after Podesta’s Vegas trip, Clinton is now the one on Jimmy Kimmel. Again scripted questions on UFO’s and such — she reaffirms her position but states that if it’s National Security related, she may not be able to achieve the files. She also mentions there is a new nomenclature — UAP — Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon — but she gets it partially wrong and instead says Unexplained — what a gaffe.

2016 (April) — Podesta goes onto Jake Tapper (CNN) and reconfirms Clinton’s statements.

2016 (April) — Clinton goes onto the Breakfast Club radio show in NYC and reasserts her interest in the phenomenon and goes as far to say that there is no way millions of people are just conjuring up these stories.

2016 (June) — Podesta attends the Code Conference in California where is $6500/ticket and comes close to mentioning the Rockefeller Initiative without naming names of that initiative.

REST OF 2016 — During Presidential Election:

Someone hacks into Podesta’s emails and gives them to Wikileaks. We learn a great deal from them. Tom DeLonge, former frontman to Blink 182 was given an advisory team of 10 high-level officials from Military Intelligence and Pentagon to run with a project that would include educating the public on the ET issue from books and documentaries/movies.

Of the ten person advisory team, three very important names leaked out.

General William Neil McCasland — former Commander of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base up to a few years ago. That’s the same base that the ET cadavers supposedly went to post-Roswell crash.

Michael Carey — former Brigadier General and Special Assistant to the Commander of US Space Command. He also was responsible for writing the foreward to Tom DeLonge’s Sekret Machines book.

Rob Weiss — EVP & GM of Advanced Development Programs at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. Not only is Lockheed Martin the world’s biggest Military Defense Contractor, but Skunkworks is the secretive R&D arm of Lockheed Martin — the same division responsible for building the CIA’s SR-71 Blackbird aircraft, contracted by the CIA to build Area 51, and also responsible for reverse-engineering ET craft. He’s basically the Head of Classified Programs at Area 51.

There are various emails within Podesta’s account that show:

1. General McCasland crafting a memo for Tom DeLonge with his thoughts on how Disclosure should go.

2. A Google Hangout meeting took place between: Tom DeLonge, John Podesta, General McCasland, Michael Carey and Rob Weiss.

3. Rob Weiss emailed Tom DeLonge to find out if there any follow up to their Google Hangout — inquiring to John Podesta

Hillary Clinton’s Election Loss:

Two days after Hillary Clinton lost the election to Trump, Steve Bassett of PRG received a one-directional text message on the Signal app from someone he knew personally.

This individual sits within Military Intelligence at the Pentagon and is on a team that is directly responsible for managing the ET issue (which is under the auspices of USAP’s). This person noted that IF a situation is created where the SecDef (Secretary of Defense) is approached (didn’t specific whom, but my assessment it’s the media), and asked abou the ET issue, then that’s when then this team would be ready and willing to support the SecDef with the resources/materials he’d need to help cut a deal with the White House to make a Disclosure announcement. The SecDef isn’t read into the ET programs, so the SecDef would turn towards his team at the Pentagon, and that’s when they’d support him. This person approached Bassett because they knew he’d get the message out across radio.

CIA Data Dump:

Two days before Obama leaves office, the CIA yet again did another unprecedented thing and dumped out 13 million previously declassified files onto the internet for everyone to see — 2500 of which were related to UFO’s. These files were already declassified, but at the time of the initial release, you’d have to be a truly devoted UFO researcher to have gone to the National Archives and sit at one of four computer terminals — no one was doing that, so this mass release was a big, turn around for the agency.

2017 (January):

Trump’s Inauguration Speech:

During his speech, Trump alluded to things that we associate with what we call the ‘Truth Embargo’.

1. Unlocking the mysteries of space

2. Curing the Earth of diseases

3. Investing in technologies and industries of the future

2017 (March):

George W. Bush goes onto Kimmel, and again, Kimmel strikes hot on the UFO question asking Bush similar questions to Obama and Clinton — dances around the subject as would be expected.

Will you, the public, take a stand for Disclosure? Your actions will make a difference.

Video version of this timeline:



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