On TO THE STARS INC. ~ Some Analysis, Implications and Cautionary Notes

Tom DeLonge, Co-Founder of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science

After watching the presentation by To The Stars, Inc. at 9:00 AM Wednesday, October 11 and giving it much thought, it occurs to me that there are many aspects of this event that bear serious consideration. To start with, the person they chose to announce this in the HuffPost is Leslie Kean, probably considered currently to be the most credible ufologist and the only one that I know of whose writing has been publicly lauded on television by such a luminary as theoretical-physicist Michio Kaku for her highly acclaimed book “UFOs…” An alert to this presentation online was sent out by John Podesta, a deep government insider. These persons were likely chosen in a bid for credibility. I also think it probable that Ms. Kean, a respected investigative-reporter of long standing, would not make this announcement if she did not thoroughly trust the information.

The principals in TTS, Inc. apparently are whom it is said that they are. I have followed some of the work of Dr. H. Puthoff in the search to access quantum-field energy. I have also previously come across discussion of Dr. Garry Nolan in his capacity as a geneticist at Stanford. A while back I read some information about Chris Mellon in reference to his working with the UFO/Alien Disclosure community. As for the others, Ms. Kean seems to have vetted them and confirmed that they are genuinely who they are said to be. The notable fact here is that of the eleven members of “the team,” Ten have deep ties to the national security establishment, DOD and/or the deep, black, elements of the aerospace industry such as Lockheed-Martin’s Skunkworks. These ten are leaders in or possibly even at the top of their fields.

Although Tom Delonge is said to have been mentored by general McCasland of Wright- Patterson airbase and others in the military, he seems somewhat of an enigma. He is said to have devoted considerable time, effort and resources to the study of the UFO/alien phenomena largely on his own and may have fair knowledge of the subject. He apparently has skills in the entertainment business and with media and publicity in the areas of music, books and film and a technology monetization platform, Modlife. Yet he seems to have no credentials in the science and technology realm. It might be said that his skills with the public and with media may be useful in the slow, carefully-controlled release of certain information. After all, history is said to have been written by those in power. As Leslie Kean states, these are: “Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows [that] are now stepping into the light.” They probably have little experience in dealing with the public and media and Delonge may therefor be useful to them.

The TTS Inc. team have made an announcement that “there is sufficient credible evidence of UAP that proves exotic technologies exist that could revolutionize the human experience.” Given who these ten people are and the nature of the training and work they have undergone, It would seem more than reasonable that they would not make even this rather cautious statement unless they knew damned well it was true. For one thing, they speak of proof rather than evidence. To come from scientists trained in the methodologies, rules and constraints of the Scientific Method this is a radical statement. From all I have seen and read over some years, it seems plausible that though they may act to release much of this information, it is likely their intention to do so cautiously and slowly in a very controlled manner. The idea of bringing this information out as part of a tightly managed story is a way to fix context in the public’s minds the way that the TTS Inc. principals want it to be perceived.

The knowledge to be revealed will likely involve extremely disruptive technologies involving energy production and transportation, including, perhaps, travel into the cosmos. As welcome as these may be in this time of environmental crisis, and stagnation in human space exploration, the extremely powerful elites at the top of our industrial “food chain” will undoubtedly do all they can to retain their positions and power. Along with that, as Steven Greer and others have stated, The facts of the 70 year or more long “Truth Embargo” concerning the UFO phenomena include the strong probability that this embargo has been accomplished using high levels of illegal methods.

One aspect of this would seem to be that, as a result of the difficulties involved in keeping certain things from being known by certain persons who may have the legal right to this secret knowledge, such as certain public officials, from the president on down as well as certain officers in the military even including members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, members of the military have apparently resorted to putting certain technologies in the hands of private corporations where they become proprietary knowledge and are not accessible to public officials or the military in general, though some in the military retain yet deny this knowledge in a working relationship with the corporations involved. This generally requires some members of the military to break the law by lying about or not admitting to knowledge that is unknown to the questioner regardless of rank. There may be many powerful people who may stand to suffer serious consequences if all of this is exposed to the public in an uncontrolled manner. TTS Inc. makes the statement that “Public Disclosure is essential and must be conducted in a way that is responsible…” It would be interesting to know the specifics of their use of the word “responsible.”

TTS Inc. makes much of their intention to make these disclosures available for the good of the people “… with positive world impact in mind.” There are a differing ways to interpret this. To understand some of these ways it seems instructive to take a look at the concepts of “private” and “public.” In some ways these terms are self contradictory. According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary “public” is defined, for instance, as “exposed to general view: open;” also as “of or relating to a government;” as well as “accessible to or shared by all members of the community.” “Private” is defined as “intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class” and “belonging to or concerning an individual person, company, or interest” as well as “not general in effect” and “not known or intended to be known publicly : secret.” These terms can and often have been used for the purpose of obfuscation and deception.

Tom Delonge has made statements to indicate that by TTS, Inc. taking this classified and secret information and technologies out of the public, government realm, “ Without the restrictions of government priorities.” will put it into the hands of the public at large or at least to put it into the “service and benefit of the public.” I think it important to remember the deep ties of the TTS Inc. “team” to the deep, black, national-security establishment It has been stated that once one has been a part of this establishment for a certain period, one cannot or does not really ever leave it. It has long been known that one of our military’s methods for hiding things from public knowledge is to transfer these into private, corporate hands where they become proprietary secrets not openly accessible by the public and where the release of these secrets into the realm of government and military can be tightly controlled in most cases. I think that it could serve the public well to keep constantly in mind that taking classified information and putting it into the hands of TTS, Inc. involves transferring these secrets to a private corporation, and even though TTS Inc. is a “Public Benefit Corporation” and their stated mission is that of acting with a “…public benefit purpose [being] a core founding principle of our corporate charter…” it is “..alongside the traditional goal of maximizing profit for shareholders.” Their public purpose is stated to be: “Education — Community — Sustainability — Transparency”. Within these boundaries there would seem to be much room for “creative” interpretation…

It should be noted that the Corporate elite seem to have been propagandizing, fostering the idea that taking functions and knowledge out of government hands and putting these into private hands constitutes a kind of gift to the public at large. They work to promote the idea that the government is a monolithic, autocratic, dysfunctional institution that exists aloof from the people and which we the citizens are subservient to. This is only true to the extent that we the people have allowed and continue to allow this, or when these constitutional rights are criminally taken from us by subterfuge. The super corporations have their own agenda, which seems to include plundering the earth for profit; harvesting all wealth but the bare minimum from the peoples of the earth, by using such means as incessant, small wars and through the subterfuge of the banking interests and the Neo-Liberal agenda such as gaining ownership and control of the medical industry and it’s regulatory bodies ie. the FDA; owning and controlling petroleum production and processing facilities and those of many other sources of energy; taking over and controlling freshwater resources as well as the food producing resources of the planet and taking control of all political power possible including that of ostensible democracies.

Considering the background of the principals in TTS, Inc., I can see little reason to assume that they should not be considered to be a part of the Military Industrial Complex nor that we should let down our guard in considering them. Recently Mr. Delonge made the statement that: “Extremely Classified technology adapted for weaponry or defense will NEVER be released to public. It MUST be owned and “invented” by a civilian private company to benefit the world. Thus, the To The Stars Team members. Just wait… the best stuff is still coming” It’s hard to say just what he means by this. It bears a strong resemblance to “limited hangouts” such as the Pentagon pulled with Bob Emenegger. What remains unanswered is the question of, if this knowledge and the technologies are currently classified, then how will TTS Inc. gain access and ownership of them unless they actually are released to the private realm? Will TTS Inc. simply claim to have “invented” them with the military’s silent, unspoken blessing? Another statement by Delonge is: “Lue [Luis Elizondo] will architect partnerships with some very sensitive places, to help protect us and the technology involved, so we may achieve for you the extraordinary,” Note the use of the term protect… Also, It is interesting how similar this seems to the work Col. Philip Corso did under General Arthur Trudeau as chief of Foreign Technology in the Pentagon. .

The timing of this event is intriguing. There seem to be a number of factors all coming together to to facilitate this. I follow a number of different areas of science and technology and certain things stand out for me. These can roughly be divided into three areas. One is the state of degradation of the environment. The second one involves the military, and the third involves technology and the desire to explore and perhaps move out into the cosmos.

It seems we are on the verge of poisoning the earth to the point that it seems to be rapidly moving towards what at some future point may be termed almost uninhabitable. Geologists and other scientists have figured out that our planet has been through a number of mass extinctions, all of them involving environmental disasters of some kind. In working out the details it has been found that in each case, conditions became very bleak and remained dismal during much of the millions of years it took to recover. What is the point of having most of the wealth and power in the world if one ruins that world in achieving this? It is seriously doubtful that the corporate elite are stupid. This would have undoubtedly precluded them attaining their positions, after all. Trends and events of the last few years would seem to have alerted even the most recalcitrant of them to our present dire environmental situation. It seems imperative that the petroleum-based energy that is the largest source of power as well as pollution in our world needs to go — and soon. The ability to tap into the universal, quantum energy-field would provide one answer to this little problem.

The factors of the military, technology and interstellar travel are a bit more wide-ranging. As for the military, my researches into weaponry and equipment have led me to consider that the achievement limits of military weaponry are fast being approached and the expense of maintaining our military is unsustainable. Equipment and weaponry have become so powerful, so fast and in need of so much more protection and shielding that very small increments of improvement are orders of magnitude more expensive in their requirements for power and resources. The military is already by far the largest consumer of petroleum fuel. Our present technologies are fast approaching their limits. Recently, the US Navy has admitted that we cannot afford to maintain the fleet at its currently unsustainable levels. If we already secretly have the ET technologies that would reduce much of our expenses for fuel and other needs, however, they cannot at present be used freely without them eventually being discovered by the public. If not, then maintaining our military requires that we investigate them. (I’m sure that we all realize that peace would be far less expensive.)

Interstellar travel, we have known for a long time, cannot be done with rockets. There are simply only limited amounts of power per unit of chemical fuel and it is just not enough. The people in TTS Inc. are now speaking of concepts in physics that might do the job, both in terms of power and mobility. They have stated in regard to this: “This is a concept for an international [only?] point-to-point transportation craft that will erase the current travel limits of distance and time. It mimics the capabilities observed in unidentified aerial phenomenon by employing a drive system that alters space-time metric. We have glimpses of how the physics of this works, but we need to harvest technologies from the Science Division to “realize” the capability.” — Steve Justice, Aerospace Division Director, TTS Inc. Although spoken of for years among those in the UFO community they are just now being spoken of by those in power. Without such technologies we will likely never leave our solar system.

It seems clear that it would be naive to think that Tom Delonge’s other ten team members, all of whom have deep connections to the military and/or the national security establishment, have suddenly stepped away from their connections to and guidance by these institutions, changed hats and are now going to be “the good guys” who will soon bring about full disclosure and lead us happily into the amazing new world of the future. It is more reasonable to consider that their actions have resulted from years of thoughtful discussion within and between these institutions and these “team members” have been carefully chosen to exert control over the process. Grant Cameron, who has long been studying the disclosure process, has a thoughtful YouTube video that discusses his ideas about this process, among others. What is going on behind the scenes is most probably far more complex and nuanced than might be suspected. One will likely find it enlightening to view and consider this at:

I think it well to keep in mind the cautionary note that Mr. Delonge inserts at the end of the introduction to the TTS Inc. announcement Video when he states that “There are certain things that are so unimaginable that certain interests believe that they should never, ever, be released to the public.” Although there would seem to be good reason to think that the process of Disclosure may finally be moving cautiously forward, I think it would be naive to think that one should put full faith in the idea that the secrets and technologies promised will be fully and openly shared with everyone. It will be most interesting to watch this unfold.