Jason Figueroa
Jun 8, 2018 · 12 min read

What we are not being told about the nature of reality

Throughout the decades, so many of us have been fascinated with the UFO phenomena in all its forms and glory. From movies like Close Encounters, documentaries and shows like Ancient Aliens and the like, we’ve been peppered with UFO and extraterrestrial lore from every angle imaginable. The stories come from every continent, from Native American culture, all the way across the globe to the Middle East. They can be found in our distant past, and up to present day, regardless of the political, racial, or social dynamic. Many, if not most religious or ancient texts, art, and paintings depict some sort of UFO or extraterrestrial hypothesis that has possibly engaged the human race since the beginning of man’s story on Planet Earth.

U.S. Department of Defense photo, USS Nimitz 2004

Given the recent surge in media coverage, most notably by the Dec 16th front page article by the NY Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html) reporting that the Pentagon has been actively documenting and studying UFOs through a classified program called AATIP or AAWSAP, many would say that the entire subject has been elevated a notch from the shadows of subculture and into mainstream reality. Add to all that, the strange dynamic behind the newly formed group To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences and its ability to influence the conversation on a national level, it begins to appear that some influential people somewhere are trying to tell the American people something important. But even with this new cultural shift surrounding the media’s approach to reporting on the subject, the stigma and ridicule still persists among Americans of all professions and creed, especially as it relates to one group dynamic in particular; the one we’ll call “The Experiencer.”

Perhaps my interest in the Experiencer aspect is important to me personally because, well, I consider myself one. But I also find that it also holds a certain connotation to it besides the obvious. This idea of “an experiencer,” at first, appears like a catch all phrase for some extraordinary experience that goes beyond the traditional UFO sighting. But what does it really mean? Why would some people who experience seeing a UFO have to wrap their experience into more than what it appears to be on the surface?

This question perhaps is the reason why, according to the NY Times, the Pentagon admittedly invested time and resources into studying the effects UFO encounters may have had on people, possibly to include alterations to DNA and/or changes to mental perceptions or belief systems. As this started to unfold like a riveting sci-fi novel, it quickly became apparent that there was a sort of reality being disseminated here.

Now, we can speculate on what our government knows or what they are focusing on in these investigations. We can also speculate on why they are deciding that now is the time to crack the door open to the public. But the wonderful thing about being an experiencer myself is that I can share my understanding of some of the implications of my own encounter, my own research, and how it can possibly address some of the speculation around what UFOs even mean to humanity and why we should care.

National Press Club Event hosted by Dr. Steven Greer, May 9, 2001

In 2014, I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Steven Greer, an ambitious ER doctor turned Ufologist who hosted a major event in 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. It attracted more people and media attention than any event ever held there to date. Whistleblowers from multiple agencies within the US Government and around the world came together to share their accounts with engaging the UFO/UAP phenomena in their respected fields. From fighter pilots, to intelligence and radar operators, nuclear weapons staff, high ranking FAA personel, government scientists, politicians, the event was an A list of the most highly skilled and credible people all in the same room publically disclosing their extraordinary stories for everyone to see.

A few months after that event, the 9/11 tragedy occurred and probably shifted the sails too greatly for the times we were facing. But as Dr. Greer’s work morphed through the years since, I became aware of a practice he coined, the CE-5 Initiative, which now as I’ve come to understand, is basically a more palatable word for Shamanism, a term that I think may have carried far too much occult baggage for our culture today. It’s probably the same idea behind why the military embraced the term “remote viewing” rather than “psychic functioning” (more on that later). The claim behind CE-5 however, or Close Encounters of the 5th kind, was that under a strict protocol, one could theoretically trigger a UFO experience on command using nothing but meditation and visualization, together with a collective group energy. Over time, I entertained the idea due to the overwhelming amount of testimony I received from various sources along with some really solid video documentation.

To make a long story short, after a few months of finding and working with a group of like minded people, the obvious conclusion I drew in the end was, IT WORKED! During a meet up in June of 2015, I saw something that I could not explain, which was exactly how other experiencers had explained to me. I saw multiple colored orbs of light that appeared like stars high up in the atmosphere that felt more alive, moving smoothly, flashing us on the ground, and then phasing out. The UFOs did not visually appear to have any solid structure attached to them, such as one would expect when observing airplane lights. They also traveled with extreme fluidity and interacted with my awareness in a way that no conventional craft could or would. I would turn my head to the left, only to see what I thought was a star perform a series of rapid pulses at me as if it knew my head was turning left. Then it would float off, as if it was playing possum the entire time, pretending to be a star. As silly as it may sound, it all felt as if the stars were communicating with me personally, and everyone in the group felt the same way. So how did it happen? And most of all, what was I to do with this new information?

CE-5 protocols, Vero Beach, Fl. Sighting event Feb 2015

Now that I was able to call myself an experiencer, of sorts, I found a very interesting correlation between UFOs and extrasensory perception or ESP. In fact, shortly after my first sighting, I began to experience strange psychic flashes within me that I could not explain, like perceiving trivial things at a distance or feeling thoughts in my mind that did not feel like my own. Even as I continued my meditation practice, I experienced what I perceived to be an electrical ‘pop’ followed by a sudden out of body experience.

It was so apparent to me that there was a connection between all these experiences, that I began researching all the perspectives I could find on this to get as balanced an approach as I could. Despite my experiences, I was still practicing healthy skepticism along the way. But I soon found that the subject seemed to be governed more by belief systems and tribalism rather than real science or theory. I mean, why do so many scientists dismiss paranormal and psychic phenomena? It felt unnecessarily polarized to me, as though one must either be on one side or the other. At this point, things got interesting. I was ready to go down the rabbit hole.

In my research, I came across a rather colorful character named Uri Geller, a self proclaimed psychic from Israel who’s rather simple claims of having the ability to bend spoons with his mind became such a subject of fiery debates between believers and skeptics globally. It was also the start of what rose him to fame as a stage magician entertaining millions of people worldwide for 4 decades. While I cannot confirm his assertion that he can bend a spoon, many have attested to the idea that it can be done. In my research, I even learned that spoon bending parties were actually “a thing,” like pajama parties in that way. This occult idea of influencing matter using nothing but the mind became even more popular when it was presented on the big screen in the 1999 blockbuster movie, The Matrix, in the now famed quote by a little boy who explains to Neo, “there is no spoon.” So is everyone lying or is there something here that our society doesn’t quite want to look at?

As I continued to research Geller, I was surprised to hear that he once talked about a UFO encounter he had as a child that led him to his eventual career as an entertainer. He doesn’t seem to share this experience as openly as his claims are about spoon bending. Perhaps he enjoys letting it bask in a bit of mystery, who knows. But with that filed neatly in my awareness, I was also surprised to read declassified documents explaining his work with a secret CIA program in collaboration with Stanford Research Institute. The focus of the program was to demonstrate and weaponize another paranormal feat; the ability to perceive objects or circumstances at a distance, also known in military circles as remote viewing. So again, while I cannot say that I have been able to verify Gellers claims, I can say that, like UFOs, the US government believed that it was worth studying his ability enough to then later form multimillion dollar psychic spy programs throughout various agencies. And every well known practitioner to come out of these programs to date have gone public to confirm its legitimacy. That was enough for me to say, “there appears to be something to this.”

So, as I began to understand my own experiences, I discovered a paranormal ability of my own; the ability to alter cloud dynamics visually, and at a distance. Almost right out of the Marvel Comic universe, I discovered that the human mind is capable of manipulating space and time in a way where feedback can be seen in clouds. How did I stumble upon this? Well, it’s interesting. It could be said that I stumbled upon it by accident while doing a CE-5. But it could also be said that it was given to me in a dream of sorts. The simplest truth was, I woke up one morning with a recollection and an idea that, when put into practice, turned out to be true. To my surprise, the term “cloud busting” was the nomenclature others used to describe the phenomena. So apparently I wasn’t the first to discover it.

As simple, and yet profound as it may be, it does answer the age old question, can consciousness influence the space around us. According to this ability, the question has a pretty solid answer that can be demonstrated repeatedly through experimentation.

With this pretty amazing ability that I knew would win me no prize, I continued to experience more flashes of high strangeness, but in an extremely spontaneous way. I was also seeing more anomalous activity in the sky that continued to interact with my awareness. I gained new insights on concepts and ideas about the universe (or multiverse) and other topics I had never thought about before, like understanding the illusion of self, and how convictions about our past experiences can influence our future. I started to apply some of it to help me analyze other events in my life, only to realize that I had begun to perceive a far greater truth about myself that I may have overlooked in the past.

All in all, the list of new or altered perceptions about myself and the world I lived in was long. But it appeared as though my awareness was aligning with a sort of spiritual ideology that seems to be more in lock step with that of a Buddhist Monk or an Eastern spiritual practitioner rather than a typical NYer. I’ve even experienced moments where my perceptions started to feel more like they were coming forward from an altered state, which, based on my research, seems to be linked to an aspect of Shamanistic practice. The feedback would also show itself visually in the form of UFOs/UAPs.

My own UFO sighting using the CE-5 protocols, May 8, 2016

These changes I made spiritually weren’t small despite my being a lifelong agnostic that held no religious beliefs at all. It appeared that practicing this “CE-5 protocol” seemed to invoke a strong ability to perceive, visualize, and stir my own energy in ways that may have roots in some sort of occult or esoteric wisdom.

It was also no surprise for me to read that secret military and space projects dealt with research into electromagnetic frequencies that were, as I understood, similar to those emitted by the human body. So, what are we not being told about the nature of reality or the nature of electromagnetism and its relationship to consciousness? Is science still stuck on the theoretical or has knowledge been suppressed? If so, why? With more and more science coming out demonstrating the quantum nature of the mind, is time travel or interstellar travel possible through quantum entanglement? Would we even be told if it was? Is there a psi phenomena that has implications on the structure of our society? Is it true that we only use less than 10% of our brain capacity when interpreting energy?

I had lots of questions. But I decided to focus on what was necessary for my personal growth in understanding the big picture rather than getting wrapped up in potential conspiracies.

The Multiverse

We really can’t have a discussion about UFOs and the paranormal without highlighting the importance of quantum mechanics and the role it may play in addressing these mysteries. It’s only been 3 years since my first UFO experience, but in my deepest view, I believe experiencers are common people who are slowly perceiving the theoretical. Finding evidence of quantum principles in the macro world seems to be the cutting edge discussion today with topics like quantum gravity, string theory, entanglement, superposition, or whole worldview theories like the electric / holographic universe, the simulation hypothesis, and probably the most complex of them all, the multiverse.

Discussion of each of these ideas are extremely complex, as are the UFOs themselves. Perhaps the complexity is really due to the idea that much of what we’ve learned about the universe we live in may not be as true as we thought. Perhaps there is more malleability than we ever thought possible, and perhaps the past and the future are also more malleable than we may think. Perhaps the UFO entities themselves are just catalysts for us discovering the true nature of consciousness. We could probably spend hours talking about each probability. And I do hope that this article sparks that kind of discussion and exploration. I believe it’s a conversation we need to have with each other if we’re going to figure this all out and take productive leaps forward as a global society.

The implications can shape the future of science, cosmoloogy, medicine, psychology, culture, and most importantly, evolution itself. And I believe we should remember that all ideas start at the most basic human level of perception, regardless of age, status, or education level. In that, I think everyone can potentially make a contribution to this mystery. And till that time comes that we all make first contact, it appears that whoever or whatever the UFO phenomena is, it seems to want to play the role as the catalyst for a quantum leap in evolutionary thinking.

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

Jason Figueroa

Written by

UFO experiencer, blogger, writer, meditation practitioner/coach

We Are Not Alone - The Disclosure Activists

A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

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