Unexplained Phenomena — The Scientific Evidence

What Evidence Are You Ignoring Because of the Scientific Truth Embargo?

One of thousands of crop circles that depict sacred geometry symbolism. Is ET trying to contact us this way? They often crop up overnight, frequently accompanied by ‘strange lights’ and chemical changes to both crops and soil. Do we really think that people are making these with ropes and boards? If so, why?

I am on a mission to open minds and hearts to the possibility of extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional life. I myself am knee-deep in the revolution of consciousness, and I know that our galactic neighbors can and do care about our burgeoning civilization. In fact, I think these are the core issues of our time.

In the following article I discuss the Drake Equation, which outlines the probability of the existence of advanced ET species, as well as some of the reasons why ET might already be in contact with our world:

Aren’t We Already Looking for ET? They Keep Saying We Haven’t Found Them!

We are told we are. But here is the red herring: we have supposedly spent decades at this point ‘looking’ for ET with radio telescopes and probes (via SETI and NASA). As far as we know, we have obtained no evidence of extraterrestrial life via these means. Perhaps that is true. Or maybe we are looking for ET in all the wrong ways. But there is, in fact, an abundance of evidence that ET has been found, and indeed has found us— it is simply overlooked.

Another widely dismissed phenomenon are crop and earth circles. Crop circles that boggle the mind with their gargantuan size, complexity, elegant order, and beauty crop up all over the world.

There are staggering phenomena to consider, like crop and earth formations. Some of them are more than an acre in size, there have been 10,000 documented. Created with light orb tech, usually in a short time overnight. https://temporarytemples.co.uk

But because some people have said that they could be manmade, as a phenomenon they tend to be overlooked. These, however, appear to be transmissions themselves, but they are transmissions we tend to ignore as they have not been sanctioned by a higher authority — the governmental (the major governments) and scientific establishment.

Please dig into the scientific evidence regarding crop circles before you make up your mind that people with boards are creating them. There have been thousands of them created world-wide.

But Science Says So!

I run into a lot of resistance to these ideas, of course, and I am always struggling to understand why so many are so determined to ignore even the possibility that we are not alone in the cosmos. In this article I try to unpack the resistance:

It is also useful to consider that mainstream science has been changing their position on the subject of extraterrestrial life. The Kepler and Hubble telescopes have been showing us the vastness of our visible universe. And, the powers that be have been trying to slowly adjust our thinking to consider ET life. This alone is a sea-change, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

But There is No Hard Evidence!

I find myself constantly baffled by claims that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial or extradimensional contact with our world. There are thousands of UFO sightings each year systematically and rigorously documented by volunteer organization like MUFON. There are the myriad crop circles. In addition, there are a wide range of individuals who claim to be in direct contact with ET intelligence. Literally thousands of ET messages (most of them spiritual in nature) have been disseminated at this point via a number of channels associated with the ET effort to contact us. And, hard science has been keeping track of a star behaving very strangely — like maybe it is being affected by an external source or technology.

On a similar note, astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell was an ET experiencer, along with many other astronauts, pilots, and military personnel — people who have had nothing to gain other than their commitment to truth and disclosure. More and more of these stories come out all the time.

You’re Kidding, Right? Everyone Knows This is BS!!

Well, I will leave you to make up your own minds. In order to grasp the enormity of all of this it is helpful to triangulate — study physics, metaphysics, cosmology, spiritual traditions, and hard science. You will start to see the patterns emerge.

Okay, Maybe There Are Extraterrestrials. What Do These Beings Want?

There is a narrative involving extraterrestrial/extradimensional neighbors concerned about the humanitarian and planetary disaster currently in progress on our planet. The group of beings behind many UFO sightings, crop circles, and experiencer accounts are as follows. What are they doing? Building awareness, raising consciousness, and getting humanity ready for open contact:

They call themselves the Galactic Federation of Light and claim to be a coalition of light forces who are our galactic neighbors. You can google this organization to learn how prolific they are. They are from a number of different star systems and some even hail from other galaxies. They are not abductors or cattle mutilators — those were other ET groups who have largely been scattered at this point.

This might seem unbelievable, but there are a lot of people who have been made aware of this effort. But because the contact phenomenon is often based on subjective experiences (although they are coherent and self-reinforcing as a whole), again we have widespread dismissal. I, however, believe in focusing on the message, not the messenger, and the messages are very useful guidance for expanding individual and planetary consciousness. These things are key to our evolution as a species, and the messages are mentorship.

You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About!!

Oh, but I do. I have spent decades at this point exploring these topics, and I am myself an experiencer. But based on several recent comments, I realize I need to explain my point of view more clearly. My dilemma is how difficult it is to have a conversation about various phenomena (UFOs, crop circles, spiritual experiences, near-death and out of body experiences, telepathy, etc.) that are clearly widespread without being called out for embracing pseudoscience and creating strawman arguments. The whole subject is problematic and stigmatized, which I think it boils down to the rational scientific lens. According to the scientific method, phenomena must be observable, predictable, measurable, and repeatable. But if we can’t control the phenomena, if indeed they are, say, trans or extradimensional in nature, we also can’t control the experiments. We might only be perceiving artifacts that are accessible to our possibly limited five senses. For one, if they are extradimensional, we can’t fully perceive the entirety of said phenomena, nor the context they originate from.

But what if there is a field of consciousness that connects us to a cosmic Internet?

Empirical data relies on experimentation. But if we can’t experiment on say, extraterrestrial or extradimensional life or intelligence, for the reasons cited above, how can we determine whether there is empirical data, or empirical possibilities? When I mention ‘an authority’ willing to come out and say there is overwhelming evidence, in fact, I am referring to the scientific establishment. There is an abundance of evidence, in fact, regarding everything from crop circles (which leave physical evidence) to psi abilities like telepathy (which can be empirically tested). But as far as I can tell, those with arguably the most interest in these topics are the first to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One thing a lot of very intelligent people do is to resist thinking about why ET might be interested in us, how they might be getting to Earth, and what their non-violent, compassion-based agenda could be. To me, extraterrestrial or extradimensional intelligence is one of the most important possibilities for our future. We need to open our minds a bit more, and that includes thinking about potentially non-falsifiable things until we can come up with ways to adequately measure what for now are phenomena we are not in control of and cannot adequately perceive with 3D/4D consciousness.

If there is a another, non-human intelligence operating on the Earth then “science” could be of little help and there may be no “proof” available except as these “others” desire. The concept of “proof” requires that there exist a human agency possessing the ability to determine with authority what is happening in the world. When “science” is dealing with things like sulphur dioxide or chimpanzees there is no problem. But if “UFOs” are the products of a superior technology then where is the “authority” to determine what is really going on? We must remember that scientists are neutral, objective observers only within their narrow specialties. They are all, regardless of specialty, part of a self-selecting social elite. They have a position to protect. Someone has to pay for “science” and every last scientist. Science and scientists are caught up in the economic and military systems that dominate the United States and most other nations. These systems are paid for by the average citizens of these nations and those average citizens must retain confidence in that which is taking so much of their money. — Val Germann

To me it becomes dogmatic to insist upon evidence that appeals to our rational worldview limited by our five primary senses and our particular dimensional reality. Theoretical physics, I must say, does a better job of using mathematical equations to predict possible outcomes beyond our current ability to perceive them.

String/M theory is very clear about multidimensionality, even though we can’t perceive other dimensions, per se. But what if some people can? What if awareness of other realities and indeed communication with them are abilities that anyone can access? Those, perhaps, who have developed what we might call extrasensory perception? Or had drug experiences or near death or out of body experiences? What if ET hails from 5D or other dimensions we can’t fathom? Most of us can’t even wrap our heads around what other dimensional realities could look or feel like, let alone how 5D or other dimensional phenomena bleeding through could look like to us.

A great article on dimensionality, which must be understood to fully grasp the scale and scope of the ET phenomenon:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who was an experiencer himself, spearheaded a major scientific research effort to collect qualitative data from a large sample of people with direct extraterrestrial/extradimensional contact experience. These might be subjective experiences, but qualitative data and trends can be quantified using the means. The numbers are huge, but again this is a phenomenon most people don’t clearly understand. It does include abduction experiences, but not all of our galactic neighbors engage with humanity that way.

I would encourage you all to explore the evidence more thoroughly. I will write more about my own experiences in a future article.

About Lisa Galarneau, Ph.D: I am a socio-cultural anthropologist, futurist, and US Army Veteran. I am also a #Disclosure activist. Please support our efforts!

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