Why Extraterrestrial Disclosure Matters

#Disclosure Will Change Our World For the Better

Illustration of UFO entering Earth’s space/time dimension

We find it so strange that a phenomenon that has been so widely observed by humanity for millennia is still denied by our world leaders, government agencies, and the media and press. We know that the ramifications of extraterrestrial disclosure are potentially positive. We also know that there are people within our governments who do want to disclose that they know, but they need mounting public pressure in order to do so.

As such, we have created a petition to the United Nations, U.S. government, various government and civilian agencies, and media/press to finally come clean about the extraterrestrial presence engaging our planet.

Why Do We Believe in Disclosure?

We believe that #Disclosure will result in a quantum leap forward for humanity. There is, however, a truth embargo in place — one that we must overcome. This truth embargo encourages stigma and ridicule in order to discourage truth. For one thing, so many people say reflexively that there is no evidence of an ET presence engaging our planet, when they do not really know the evidence.

Alien disclosure is the one thing that will finally lead to peace on Earth. The evidence, the whistleblowers, etc., is undeniable. This is being hidden from us for far too long, and the people are ready to hear the truth. — Jared Leveska

We are facing the unknown, yes, but with our minds and hearts open we can consider possibilities beyond our imagination. Our governments know and we deserve to know, as well. The press and media need to take note. They are largely ignoring the biggest story of our time, simply because rational discussion of these topics are discouraged in the public arena. But don’t think they haven’t covered these topics at all — their efforts are simply inconsistent and usually tied to government and former government officials dropping hints about the ET presence:

The Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure took place in 2013 and generated quite a lot of press coverage.

Citizens’ Hearings for Disclosure, 2013 — http://www.CitizenHearing.org

Why Disclosure is the Key Issue of Our Time

There are several reasons why disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence is so important at this time and, in fact, critical to our nation’s security. Citizens of the U.S.and the world need to be briefed on these matters as it is highly possible other foreign governments will disclose. It is widely known that there is a significant phenomenon at work across the globe. World citizens must be informed of our governments’ knowledge and accumulated evidence.

Religious wars and hate crimes are getting worse all the time. Once people know there is life beyond our planet…it may wake them up to being part of a larger galactic neighborhood. — David Baes

Common Knowledge of Our Extraterrestrial Visitors and Their Intentions

As noted above, most citizens are aware of the UAP phenomenon, and the majority know that our governments are not telling us the truth. What is not widely understood is who these neighbors are, and what their intentions are, positive or negative. Releasing historical documents and current research and engagement with extraterrestrial life is necessary at this time.

I’m signing because I am an experiencer who is among many experiencers who already understand the ET phenomenon and why this truth embargo has existed for so long within our government and other governments around the world. It’s an old paradigm that is ready for collapse. The world has been ready for change for a long time and disclosure will only serve to progress humanity and our quest in discovering who we really are on this planet. — Jason Figueroa

Governmental Transparency

We need an end to the truth embargo and we need our governments to reveal the full history of extraterrestrial engagement with our citizenry, both positive and negative. We need full knowledge of secret space programs and other military activities in this arena.

The truth is not owned by any government and every citizen on the planet has a right to know what information has been hidden! — Janet Elliot

Suppressed Technologies That Can Aid Humanity

We are aware that there are a number of suppressed technologies, including free energy, that have been withheld from our citizenry. We know that extraterrestrial craft have been reverse-engineered and that our military and space programs have craft of their own. These craft, we acknowledge, are part of the unexplained aerial phenomena our citizens have observed. However, we know that they are not all man-made.

The truth embargo is blocking the availability of extraterrestrial derived technologies to address the growing challenges facing the human race. Whatever has been learned from the study of retrieved extraterrestrial craft — particularly the propulsion and energy systems — is held hostage within deep black projects.

I believe disclosing the truth about an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the subsequent coverup will unleash suppressed technologies that will revolutionize the world and dismantle current oligarchical power structures governing the world. — Tyler Moss

The Truth Embargo Must End

This is not the first time that we, the citizens of the world, have called for this disclosure. We have been told repeatedly that our governments have little knowledge of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, but we know this is not true, as the truth has been leaking out for some time now.

Convinced by overwhelming evidence of an Extraterrestrial Intelligence engaging the human race since 10 years old, I have come to the final conclusion that the only thing that will save this planet from self-destruction and allow the Human species to advance our development amongst the stars, is the formal acknowledgment of saidExtraterrestrial presence. It’s called #Disclosure. It’s the law. It’s desperately needed.— Russell Calka

Despite extensive media coverage of these emerging testimonies in the United States, the Obama administration made no comment whatsoever regarding this evidence and the national security implications. We expect the United Nations and the United States to take this Disclosure matter seriously and engage with its citizens transparently. This is the most important issue of our time and we deserve to know the truth.

We need this enlightenment to unite the world. — Rita Shertick

Not convinced that something earth-shattering has been happening? Watch this!

About Lisa Galarneau, Ph.D: I am a socio-cultural anthropologist, futurist, and US Army Veteran. I am also a #Disclosure activist. Please support our efforts!

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A citizen-led effort to disclose the extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional presence engaging with our planet.

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Dr. Lisa Galarneau

Dr. Lisa Galarneau

Anthropologist, Futurist, Design/UX Researcher, Veteran, Lightworker, Democrat, and #TheResistance Activist

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