Vegetarian paradise off Regent street!

WOO! 🔥 The Percent Team!

Another week and another excellent Tasty Tuesday @ WeArePercent. This time the budget was doubled up for a celebration. I got my settlement visa and our brand new website is live (good work Narbu). 🎉🎉🎉

Yes, if you want to spend a little over a tenner for a vegan or vegetarian buffet, Tibits 🤤 is an excellent choice.

After filling your plate up, you pay on the basis of how much it weighs at the till. So be careful on your portion size to avoid any surprises later 😲 😲 😲

The Food

Although its a vegan & vegetarian place the choice of food was plentiful. There’s a choice of food from all over the world. 🍛 Indian Dal, samosas, 🥘 mediterranean Falafels, olives, salads, 🌮 Mexican guacamole, salsas, rice, onion rings, and many condiments.

You also have choice of dessert from the buffet. Chocolate mousse, fruit & cream, fruit & nut cake, sticky toffee pudding to name a few.

The Drinks

The team was very content with the great humble 🚰 tap water.

The Verdict

If you are looking for great, fresh and healthy vegan or vegetarian food near Regent St, Tibits is recommended by all of the Percent Team without difference of opinion.

Percent Rating: 9/10

Price per Person: < £15

Until next time, keep calm and keep eating vegetarian food 🥑🥑🥑