Destroy all the humans • Required Reading Issue #46

Our semi-weekly digest of ten Internet items worth your attention


A few weeks ago at SXSW, I attended a panel on robotics and AI where I met Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ state-of-the-art, most humanlike, female robot, and she seemed nice. Then she appeared on CNBC and said she wanted to destroy humans.

If you’re going to make a bot, making it ethical is a baseline requirement. How to make a bot that isn’t racist.

2016 is going to be a big year for exposing the masses to VR, and thanks to Samsung, more than 7 million people will see VR at Six Flags.

Finally! New details have emerged about Pokémon and Niantic’s upcoming augmented reality game Pokémon GO.

When the internet is amazing you get pong inside a Piet Mondrian painting.

Motion design is the future of UI, but remember kids, “don’t go overboard, it’s the subtle and thoughtful animations that are the most effective.”

Google launched a new machine learning platform. Now if I can just figure out how to use it to create/improve this newsletter.

How Netflix uses computer vision algorithms to generate imagery for their massive collection of videos.

Brent Watanabe is my new hero. His mod of Grand Theft Auto V creates and follows an autonomous deer wandering through the fictional state of San Andreas. The piece is presented as a live stream This is the new art.

And finally…

How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk.

Complaining is silly. Act or forget.
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