A journey into SaaS: My ClanHR story.

It’s 1:46 PM on Tuesday the 15th, a single message from our CEO (Rui Alves) on our slack team channel grabs my attention.

Rui Alves on Slack.

Hearing about someone’s new product release is not too uncommon these days. With the rise of entrepreneurship and the ever evolving easy-to-use tools made available to every netizen, we find ourselves amidst an age of innovation where something new is just around the corner.

It might even be that Uber for oranges Gary Vee keeps talking about!

If you ever heard someone talking about their product’s path, you probably got lectured for 2 hours on how they had to put in massive amounts of work into whatever they’re building just to end up having a whole lot more to fix when they finally released it. The thing that interests me the most when I hear these stories is not how much work they put in or how many times they forgot to take their dog outside during development, it’s the energy that seems to fill the air while they talk about their experience. That same energy that flows through the entire office when everyone’s committed to making something work.

That energy invaded our office in the past months as we all worked hard towards the launch of our newest product: ClanHR.

During this period of time, I found myself learning faster than usual, mostly because everyone was making sure they were on their A-game. Here are a few reflections about my journey.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Before we even had a release date, a lot of work was put into strategy, everything was put into question. Our brand strategy, pricing offer, app features — you name it, we revised it. This lead to some very interesting conclusions. We realized that we were wrong about some aspects of our strategy and acted upon it, we found out our strengths and weaknesses but most important of all, we found our market fit.

From what I’ve seen, a strategy based on facts, along with a dose of creativity, is key to building great communication not only towards your customers but inside the company as well.

“If you don’t schedule it, it’s not going to happen.”

We’ve been working on the new version for ClanHR for the past few months, but “shit got real” when our managers decided to pinpoint a date for release. The 15th of November. I can’t stress the importance of setting a date enough, it lights a fire inside all of us and that same fire sustained all of our teams during the sprint (double entendre) to make sure the product was ready for release on that specific day. It was a collective effort and you could feel the motivation filling the air.

“If you want to go fast — go alone. If you want to go far — go together.”

Our social culture focuses a lot on single achievement. You don’t hear about the team behind Tesla, you hear about Elon Musk. You don’t hear about Apple, you hear about Steve Jobs. You don’t hear about Microsoft, you hear about Bill Gates. You don’t hear about TDE, you hear about Kendrick Lamar.

I believe every successful company is built upon teamwork, it is one of the foundations to create anything great.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

It’s easy to forget how important our team is when you’re jumping from task to task on the day-to-day grind but, things really come together when you have everyone working towards a single realistic goal. I had a blast working with different teams to find solutions and discover new perspectives. It’s great to see our company achieve goals while we collectively grow as people at the same time.

That’s the keyword I took from this experience: growth. It’s events like these that allow us to step out of our comfort zones and test our mettle in a real world scenario.

Finally, a big thank you to the entire team at RUPEAL, you guys are awesome! Let’s keep it up!

Be sure to check out all the work we put into ClanHR!