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April’s community update at GamerHash

After the busy beginning of 2022 with many important milestones achieved, we saw many important outcomes in April, too! We have focused on bringing joy and added value GamerHash community which facilitated the growth of the whole ecosystem. We can proudly say we are one of the biggest crypto communities in the world!

700 000 registered users at GamerHash

It’s an amazing outcome, and thanks for being a part of GamerHash community. We are constantly on the road to a million, which is definitely achievable. Our goal is not only to have a lot of registered users, but also a community that can do things together and work jointly as a team in blockchain-related games. In this case, we could be considered the biggest Crypto Gaming Guild in the world!

Liquidity providing at

Providers collect a proportion of the fees paid by users who use that pool to swap between tokens. They also receive pretty amazing liquidity providing APY which is around 143% at the time of the writing. If you are a GHX holder, it is a shame not to be a liquidity provider!

Find out more here.

GamerHash meetup and safe driving lessons

A good team is like a powerful machine, but it needs oil to work even better. In the case of GamerHash team, we love to work together and the moments like this makes us even more integrated and focused on our goals. During the meetup, we learned how to drive safely on the racing circuit with the pro training.

Easter in Nemesis metaverse with GamerHash

This one has been really fun — we have spent together a lot of time together in the Nemesis metaverse searching for the golden egg during Easter. There were a lot of prizes to be won, and the magical place has been unraveled. What was the place? A true GamerHash metaverse in The Nemesis!

Going deep into the crypto and NFTs

In our Medium article, we have shed a light on very interesting topics, so how DAOs and NFTs are interconnected together. The topic is additionally hot as APE coin has been in the mouths of everyone in the crypto space recently. If you haven’t read the article and you consider yourself a “Crypto Bro” you got to check it out!


There have been many interesting developments in the recent month. What we are proud of the most is delivering all the good news in a timely manner and being able to fulfill a great part of our milestones for 2022 already by April!




What’s GamerHash? Free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining. Launch it and get 600+ rewards in our integrated Store!

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We are the GamerHash

We are the GamerHash

We are a collective, we have one goal, revolutionize online payments, resistance is futile.

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