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August 2022 GamerHash update

The end of summer is near, so we had a lot of good news!

Our metaverse team is sharing some amazing stuff on social media (you are following our Twitter, right?👀) as we are working on new partnerships and product improvements! We are not stopping on our mission to educate gamers about web3 and the future opportunities that lie in the metaverse.

So what August brought to the GamerHash community? Let’s dive in!

Staking update

We have started off with some powerful announcement — the news that makes the GamerHash team feel special and proud to have a community that believes in the project.

Our investors have blocked a staggering amount of 50 000 000 GHX for the next 6 months! The staking pool was filled completely just after the finish of the previous 6-month GHX lock.

Partnership with Heroez

To keep up with the NFTs space pace, in August we teamed up with Heroez, joining their mission to pave the way for esport in web 3.0. They create the first ever DAO esport team with all the governance laying in the hands of the community. The governance is based on the voting power whose share depends on the number of the NFTs you have, 1 NFT = 1 vote.

Why do you, as a GamerHash community member, should care? Because you can be a part of the DAO too, with preferential access to the NFT pool if you hold GHX in your wallet! For all the details head right to our last week’s partnership update.

The Sandobox Alpha 3

It’s been a massive Alpha 3 release by Sandbox with ​​1.5 million SAND given away to the best users in the leaderboard. We (obviously) were there with Julka and David who were live-streaming their struggles and the fun during the Alpha 3 release!

From now on, you can join them every Tuesday and Thursday on Twitch and be in the know for The Sandbox experiences.

Bitcoin is becoming green!

Mining has always been close to GamerHash — as we have started off as an app that is limiting the entry barriers for gamers to mine cryptocurrencies. It is still a very important part of our project.

In the article Are Bitcoin and crypto going green? PoW & PoS and renewable energy we have talked about the changing landscape of the BTC mining which is becoming more and more renewable.

The last report by the Bitcoin Mining Council proved that almost 60% of BTC mining in the USA is green — which means that the mining industry might be actually the “greenest” industry in the whole country!

IT Developments

For our Dev team, the holiday season is a great opportunity to get back to the basics. We got a chance to make back engine checks together with small improvements from never ending backlogs and to smooth the user experience. We also have introduced the GamerHash Desktop app update 1.68.1.

That doesn’t mean we are not working on the new great futures (we always do!), so stay tuned and check our announcements in September. The summer holidays are over and we are ready to bring on lots of exciting news!

Stay tuned!



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